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cree zoom 3 mode

The perfect cree zoom 3 mode here to meet all your needs. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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cree zoom 3 mode Customers Reviews

  • Nice little bright light

    posted by streetwise

    Small headlight with bright light; compared to fenix PD20, light seems brighter. Slider to adjust dim to bright working well. No complaints on the zoom..working quite smoothly. Compared to other zoom lights.....this has a small footprint..exactly wat I'm looking for...allow working in tight spaces.
    Build quality is decent for the price u pay. Don't know whether it can survive a drop.
    For the price, worth buying.
  • Just Good

    posted by swissbelg

    Super bright light. The beam adjustment works fine. Very good overall manufacturing and quality, stable design. The cost/performance ratio is extremely good.
    I would prefer a mechanical on - off switch instead of the electronic 3 - mode pulse switch, but that seems to be nonexistent, and it's just a personal taste anyway.
    I did not regret this buy at all
  • good flashlight

    posted by hslhome

    Fully metallic, rugged build quality, nothing is loose, a pleasure to hold in your hand is good, real GREE LED shines pretty bright, has three modes, bright, dim and strobe, there focusing on a large extent possible to use batteries of 3.7 volts and 1.2 volts.
    I could post pictures, but it is completely pointless because the appearance corresponds exactly to the description presented.
    Nice, compact, inexpensive lamp.
  • student

    posted by companygadgets

    good price. after the initial purchase bought another 3 flashlight as a gift. strong luminosity of 100 lumens is enough to give.
    In general it is a good flashlight to give the house the basement but my preference is not fully satisfied
    as a gift for an inexpensive souvenir to your friends or a man well come
  • Much better quality than the clones

    posted by Chrophedra

    -Good quality, finish, feel, zoomlens, Q5 cree!
    when comparing to (**) clones that are black in color i can remark that they look the same but are not AT ALL!The zoomlens on this one is clearer and clearly of better quality, there is no glue remains anywhere (it is clean and much care has been taken to give it a proper finishThe clicky button is of better quality/other materialthe lightspot is , when fully zoomed OUT, noticably bigger than the clones, and of course brighter.
    Buy it, this is my favourite torch ATMGreat build quality, period.

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