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  • Great driver for LED-emitter Cree

    posted by evgenic

    A good universal buck-boost driver NANJG-28 for a different type and number of batteries 1 or 2 or 3 NiMn or 1Li . Uin Uout Iin Iout Pin Pout Effic %1NiMH 1,30 3,10 1,03 0,23 1,34 0,71 53,252NiMH 2,60 3,30 1,08 0,61 2,81 2,01 71,693NiMH 3,95 3,43 1,16 0,92 4,58 3,16 68,871LiIon 3,92 3,44 1,16 0,90 4,55 3,10 68,09
    When using lithium batteries need to be protected from a low discharge. Otherwise, such a driver will lead to damage of the battery
    This driver may not be -ideal- for use with crappier Alkaline or NiMH/NiCad batteries, but with higher quality cells such as Eneloop NiMor Sanyo(Panasonic) Lithium. The use of a linear current regulator AMS7136 says about its capabilities. The quality of performance and its purpose - a worthy! I'm happy!
  • good for your first modification.

    posted by flashin

    P-4 is a good upgrade, or a mod for
    older lights.
    it has a bright white light.
    also a good led upgrade for the first
    time modifier.
    (like i was when i used it)
    it's very affordable.
    fairly easy to mod if you can do
    basic soldering, and some epoxying.
    comes polarized on the aluminum 16mm
    still easy on batteries if using an
    exsisting driver in the modded light.
    the Q5 is the hottest emitter for modding
    upgrades on a 16mm base right now.
    i'm still holding out for the R2 to be availible on the 16mm base.
    i put this P4/16mm in my test mule RC-G2.
    it wasn't a whole lot brighter.
    but it was brighter.
    seemed to use up the battery just a tiny
    bit faster.
    like a few minutes or so is all.
    great for projects like outdoor lighting,
    or remote area lighting.
    mind the voltage to 3.5v or 4v,
    and heat sinking is needed.
    good cheap, quality cree led.
  • Surprisingly high quality

    posted by bjorne

    The best build quality I've seen from DX.com itemsReally waterproof, shows no signs of water ingress after 30 minutes submerged.It remembers if it was last on wide or narrow beam.The wide flood mode is ideal for camp site.It does not start on HIGH setting killing and your night vision.
    No three-way over the head strap, but the light does not weigh much, so you can jump around a bit without it falling down in your face.I havent verified the stated run times, but given that is is AAA batteries I assume its not very impressive. But Over all the light does impress with build quality and actual waterproofness.
    I'm pleased with a lightweight light that is waterproof, and has a very good flood mode for the camp site. (less likely to blind everyone else) For extended run time or high light output you probably need something else.
  • Standard cree flashlight with too narrow beam.

    posted by Sevian

    Good craftmenship, nice and standard aluminum piece. The range of inner bright beam predetermines this flashlight for long distance use.Looks much more expensive.Definitely more than 350 lumens in the center of the beam, so bright!
    Good buy if you want to use it outside, f.e. searching animals or intruders on the farm.
    Good one if you want to see what that shadow in the woods over the field, useless for short distance.
  • A very bright, tiny light

    posted by EdFromOhio

    Very, very small.Very bright for the size.Uses AAA batteries which are very common in the US.Simple 1-mode for non-flashaholics.
    I purchased this to replace a similar one my mother-in-law lost. It took a while to arrive, but after trying it out, my son immediately said "I want that one." Mind you I have about a dozen very bright lights, but he likes this the best because it's tiny.
    If you want a light to throw in your pocket or purse, this is a "highly recommended" light. It's also a great gift idea for family or friends since in the US, AAA batteries are everywhere and doesn't require any special charger.


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