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cree xp-e r2 Customers Reviews

  • Excellent, very bright

    posted by jackdw4

    Extremely bright light with no annoying flashing functions. Button is on back of LED unit and goes Full bright cool light LED - Half bright cool light LED - Warm LED - OffComfortable to wear and well balanced. Not too heavy on front or back.
    Does have a small red LED on the rear that is on whenever the front LEDs are on
    Very very good for the price and would definitely recommend to anybody
  • Great product with great value

    posted by katzesonne

    *It's made of aluminium -> great feeling in the hands*It's really bright for what you would expect (although not as bright as some "premium" flashlights which cost much more than this one)*Great mechanics with that "telescope" camping light which was the main reason why I bought this*Feels like it will survive rough handling.*It won't blind in camping mode. That's very nice!*It's very small and therefore good to handle and transport - important if you want to use it for camping and carrying it around all the time :)
    It's got a Cree XP-E inside which was a great LED Chip one or two years ago. However, there are more advanced LEDs with a much higher efficiency out there by now (for example the Cree XP-G series which also has a more pleasent light, even with cold white). This would've been a good way to reduce battery usage even more.
    All in all it's a great light for this price. Even though there are more negative points than positive ones, I can recommend buying this. The negative points are just trivias and not as bad as it may sound. Most of them were just some nitpicking, because I didn't want to fuel expectations like this is comparable with some camping light for 200 USD ;)
  • Great for the price

    posted by ecotack

    It takes 1 AA battery.The zoom is useful, spot or flood light in one.Body of the flashlight feels sturdy.Switch is in my favourite colour, tactical orange.Machining on threads is good, not perfect, but cross threading shouldn't be a problem.Simple 3 modes, Hi, Low and Strobe.
    Great all-round single AA flashlight. Nice and bright. Ideal to keep in the car. Cheap enough. Not perfect, but at this price you can't expect that. This one will be kept in my car. Will buy another for my wifes car.
    For an occasional use flashlight this is ideal. At this price all I could get locally is some plastic rubbish with 5mm LEDs.
  • Cheap but an OK Product

    posted by hurupthy2010

    I really like that Brightness of The RUSTU 6003 when that tiny emitter is fired up by a 14500 and I just love The Price, It´s well-known and easy zoom-function and, of Course, The Price - hehe. Now this Device is sold even cheaper (2%...??!) Cheap, Yes, but 2% discount is almost a Laugh to Buyers
    I now own 6 diff lights in identical design. The Best so far (Notice: NOT The brightest though massive 700lm) is my, also 3-mode, SingFire SF-117B. Has A Wide and Heavy Flood on Hi-mode - in fact It really has to run a good 14500-Lithium Power-Source if You really want to fire up This XM-L T6 Powered Pocket-light.
    My Review on The SingFire SF-117B - check it out...!!!
  • Great torch

    posted by Rhinopilot

    I bought two of these, one for myself and one for my dad. We are both involved in law-enforcement work, and are impressed at the quality and finish of this torch, not to mention the amount of light it produces for such a compact unit!It is great that it has a "low" and "strobe" function to augment the standard "high" mode. Being able to switch between modes by lightly pressing the clicky switch while the torch is on is also quite nifty.
    Great functions, nice and compact. I carry mine with me all the time.
    Very useful product. Comes highly recommended.

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