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This is our best cree xml-t6, they all share a great design and great prices. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Your support is our greatest motivation.

cree xml-t6 Customers Reviews

  • great flashlight

    posted by Faust02

    Very high quality made??, the connector to the battery is sealed, the body of aluminum alloy. Easy to mount on bicycle handlebars, suitable for use as a headlamp. Very bright light, some modes.
    I have nothing to say about the disadvantages of the goods. I was completely satisfied with the product, I would recommend it to acquire
    Recommended for use in bicycle touring, working in the dark. From the category must have ...
  • Awesome Light

    posted by beretta73

    Bright Very Bright. 5 Modes with Memory. Great heat sinking. Tight battery fit (doesnt rattle). Built in clip. Good O-rings (glow in the dark). Nice finish and feel. Feels pretty well balanced. Good threads that mesh very well.
    This light is as bright as my million candle power spotlight. It has a nice balance between throw and spill. Has really good range almost as bright as the headlights on my car (one of them anyway).
    A solid and well built, extremely bright Cree led light.
    Definetly recommend. Only regret is I should have bought 2.
  • Bright light for the money

    posted by sgupton

    Bright light, good throw to flood ratio.Noticeably brighter than a 220 lumen light that I own.Good run time, didn't time it, but when trying to discharge it took a while. No rattle from the battery, good close fit.Battery, battery case, and charger included.Multi-mode with memory is a very nice to have.
    Brightest LED light I own so far.
    Has been a good bright light so far. I have recommended it to friends for a bright light for the money with a battery charger included.
  • Great thing

    posted by ALPINE63rus

    Very good quality, high brightness, works about 4 hours on middle mode. Good current driver, no nasty "whistle" on any mode. Fine heat sink extends diode lifetime.
    I use it with bike mount for over a year when riding bike at night. Mid-mode is more than enough for comfortable riding. Very satisfied.
    I had some experience with different flashlights from DX and other shops, but this one is the best I used. Strongly recommended for all.
  • Very high quality

    posted by ibbleobble

    This a very solid, high quality light. The front is screwed in tightly, and there are two o rings, one to seal the front, and another to protect the lens from the glass. It is definitely a Cree XM-L, as seen in the photo. I measured the wattage at just over 9 watts, which is probably the maximum you could drive it in such a small package.The case gets hot in a warm, still room, but not too hot. It seems to have effective heat management, and the mounting is very secure. The wire is thick and well insulated.It is very bright.
    I'm not sure if the beam angle is really sixty degrees. It seems fairly narrow to me, but good for a motorbike light, or landscape lighting.
    I'm very pleased. I may put it on my scooter, or use it for outdoor lighting at my shop. I will probably buy more.

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