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cree xm-l t6 module Customers Reviews

  • Good drop in module

    posted by Phobos419

    Drops in fine into an Ultrafire WF-502B. Is very bright on high, seems like about 1/2-1/3 as bright on low which is very nice when I don't need it to look like the sun is out.
    Price is about on par with the other modules. Really nice to have a hi-low bulb, no need for strobe and would be annoying when camping/hunting.
    Worth it.
  • Great little P60 Dropin

    posted by FuriousCorpse

    Pulls 2.2amps (@Tailcap) from my Sanyo 2600mAh 18650sVery Bright, Good Throw with very nice wide hotspot (12"@6ft).Perfect single mode drop in for P60 host.Good reflector, no marks.
    Gives a nice sized well defined hotspot due to the smooth reflector,edge of corona and (the little amount of) flood have a slight purplish colour tinge.
    Great little update for a P60 host, Fitted to a WF-501B host, it needed foil wrapping to transfer heat well, about the hottest thing id put in a 501B.Not too far off specs so Im happy
  • Great drop-in

    posted by gasbag11

    Very bright. Probably close to 600 lm. but I have no way to measure it. It's brighter than a UF 502b rated 900 lm. Very nicely made and the emitter is well centered. It has memory too.Fit perfectly in a Ultrafire C8. Even the reflector fit perfectly after I removed the small plastic washer from the back of the reflector. A necessity because the XM-L emitter is larger than the original. It popped right off though.I should also mention that the original module had a spring on the back, but this one doesn't. It still fit perfectly.
    I bought it to replace the module in a light that has "next mode memory". The light has gone from my least favorite, to my most favorite single XM-L light.
    A few dollars cheaper and I would have given it 5 stars for price. But still worth it because it turned an unused light into an often used light. I definitely recommend it to upgrade a C8 light.Very glad I bought it. :)
  • Stupidly bright, worth the money!

    posted by Rustybadger

    -Ridiculously bright-Inexpensive-Easy to use, only has 3 modes-Silver in colour, with brass accents-Two very useful springs-I have sold a few to friends, because they are so nice
    Buy a bunch and sell them to your friends. For less than ten bucks, you can upgrade your cheap flashlight to a searchlight beast!
    If you've got a couple cheap little flashlights, grab some of these to upgrade them. Just make sure you have good batteries!
  • Very bright replacement

    posted by incredibilehulk

    Very bright, is a great replacement part for the ultrafire wf-501b. Unfortunately, the value of 840 lumens is exaggerated, which in reality is around 400-450. For the rest it is a great wide beam optics.
    Good as spare parts can be mounted on the torch above or in the realization DIY. Very reasonable price. What a deal!
    Not bad.


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