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cree xm-l 3 mode Customers Reviews

  • Only 2 amps

    posted by TrackpadManiac

    Really really bright light, and lasts for quite a long time on a single charge.(when i say really bright... i mean REALLY bright.)it has a really nice focal point as well, and good distribution around the beam
    i'd recommend buying a multi cell charger from hoby king.... it charges the batteries quite nice. and will be able to charge all your battery powered products nice and quick
    for the price, its a really good light, however its not as bright as it could be... but its already stupidly bright, and can easily blind people on the road if not aimed right.the rubber mount can also swing the whole light around if you go over bumps
  • Nice lamp

    posted by MACKIEYU

    Nice quality ...straps are ok...plastic also...it comes with two 18650 batteryes inside...and with cahrger...charger dont have adapter for EU but its ok you can find it hear on DX for nice price..Led have nice soft brightness and everything is like it shows in specifications...i dont know about lux bud but it is really bright....front aluminium part is good and nice shaped.....dont test how much is battery life but with these two batteries it must last aprox 2 hours...
    Nothing for now..
    Its nice for camping...biking...tracking...
  • Excellent Product !!!

    posted by LHBI

    This flashlight surprised me, because I thought that would be feeble, but actually when I got really pleased with it. The light is very strong and use it with the battery TrustFire 18650 instead of AAA. I am very pleased!! They can buy that you will like, will not regret
    Who buy this flashlight, I refer also to buy a stack more powerful and even more powerful charger for the batteries.
    You can buy this flashlight is excellent.
  • Very bright!

    posted by bear123

    - beautiful finish - 2500lm+ for sure- great flood- smooth reflector with no rings in the light- 6x 18650 = long run time- variable brightness- battery indicator LED- IPX8 waterproof - the wall of light this creates still travels 150 meters for a flooder lol, just barely but it does
    - Comparing this to the new Skyray King with the XMLU2 emitters the L3 is brighter so I would believe that it is at least 2500lm+. The thing is this is not as much of thrower. The Skyray King has a slightly tighter hot spot. So they both make it out to the 150 meter mark but the L3 is less bright at that range. However flooding an area right in front of you the L3 fills well. In ceiling bounce tests the L3 was about 10% brighter than the Skyray King. Both of those flashlights tail stand well and create more light than my standard living room lamps in that configuration LOL. Bright flashlights!
    It's a great looking flashlight with cool features. If the driver was executed better it could easily be in my top 5 flashlights. I am not disappointed in owning this flashlight since there is nothing else with this cool interface!
  • Super Power!

    posted by neppydotcom

    *This light is extremely bright, i mean, EXTREMELY!You can easly dazzle/blind someone even 100m far.*It is very nicely machined and looks pretty good*The light beam is focusable from very open to a very very focused beam*Lens made of glass -also a con-*White light*Almost sealed battery pack*2 Different size rubber rign*1 amp Charger*5:40 continuous hours In "low"
    *It takes like 5-6 hours for full charge*The charger changes its led color, from red (discharged) to yellowish green (full charged)*I dont think it is weather proof, rain either in real situations, because the light is focusable it has moving parts, which can be easly reached by water, so keep that it mind, Mine got some fog inside the lens after using it on a rainy day
    If you want a nice light, this is what you are looking for, because it is focusable.Most of the other lights are very focused in one spot, so it wont be good at all for biking.

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