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  • Very Bright!

    posted by TREVR6

    I used this for my MKiV Jetta Wagon. I purchased these Cree bulbs to help me see better while i back up. I currently have dark tint on the rear window which reduces my vision. So far, these Cree bulbs project the light straight out of the rear defuser in the tailights and provides excellent light. They look like the new Cadillac rear back up lights - so cool!
    Cree bulbs are a tad longer in length compared to your standard bulb. Be sure that you have the room to fit them. They are also very delicate ... do not force into place or risk breaking the soder points or even snapping them off the base (happened with another set).
    Very pleased with the output and appearance. Great purchase!!T.
  • Decent for the price

    posted by JoeSnuffie

    Inexpensive, 3 modes, focus and comes with batteries and chargers. Looks nice, too. The Brightness is good for close range use and the focus allows you to have a spot or flood to meet your needs.
    I was pleased that it comes with 2 batteries, even though they aren't great quality. It also came with a car charger and home charger which is nice. The chargers plug directly into the light by twisting the red ring to expose the plug. The light won't work while being charged so don't worry if you try this.
    For $20 this is a good deal. This isn't a high end light but it doesn't cost a lot, either. I'm happy with it. You can't expect too much from a $20 light with batteries and chargers, but this light delivers its worth.
  • Good torch with some distinctive features

    posted by bakix

    > Robust, all-metal construction, including the clicky> Clicky is located at the side, not at the bottom so you can turn it off/on without changing the position of torch in your hand> It has a tripod MOUNT (opposite to clicky) which is a rare feature> The corona is wider than e.g. Romisen RC-G2, very smooth transition from the hotspot> The head is the same width as the body, thus a very compact torch
    Build quality is quite good, a bit worse than Romisen though. I have bought this torch because it has a side clicky, small head and uses universally available AA batteries.
    Side clicky and tripod mount are its main advantages!
  • Surprisingly high quality

    posted by bjorne

    The best build quality I've seen from DX.com itemsReally waterproof, shows no signs of water ingress after 30 minutes submerged.It remembers if it was last on wide or narrow beam.The wide flood mode is ideal for camp site.It does not start on HIGH setting killing and your night vision.
    No three-way over the head strap, but the light does not weigh much, so you can jump around a bit without it falling down in your face.I havent verified the stated run times, but given that is is AAA batteries I assume its not very impressive. But Over all the light does impress with build quality and actual waterproofness.
    I'm pleased with a lightweight light that is waterproof, and has a very good flood mode for the camp site. (less likely to blind everyone else) For extended run time or high light output you probably need something else.
  • Very solid and bright

    posted by dlumitao

    This unit is very solid, made out of very solid metal casing for the grip Battery access looks tight and may be water-proof but not planning on submerging my kit in water though Very surprised that the led light was so bright The switch is readily accessible at the back and can be turned off and on quicklyLooked around for the same item on the local market but they usually higher I always used this as a grip as an attachment and not much for the flashlight but you never know when you will need that extra light
    Great solid grip attachment
    I would definitely buy this again it I require one again Would also recommend this for anyone looking for a solid grip with and option of bright LED light


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