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cree warm white

You can find fashionable cree warm white at a low price. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. You can also browse the 9w warm white, warm white 4w, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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cree warm white Customers Reviews

  • Best/brightest LED emitter I had so far !

    posted by mukenukem

    Extremely bright.Very nice color, not greenish like other "warm-white" LEDs (like the 50W Prime emitter), but I would call it more daylight-white. Looks like hot halogen lamps, very nice and pleasant to the eye.
    I bought 4 pcs to replace my halogen uplights, because one of them exploded and covered me and my gf with hot glass debris. I used a heatsink with 200x200x25mm and added a 60mm fan at extreme low speed, otherwise I got over 90°C on the heatsink. With the slow fan I get about 60° on the heatsink and about 90° on the LEDs, which is perfectly fine.
    As bright as a 250W halogen lamp. Really the first LED emitter capable of replacing halogen uplights !Make sure you buy the matching LED driver and a really big heatsink, you have to get rid of 75W of heat (at least the Cree specs say that only 25% of the power is producing light)!After these I also bought some of the 50W emitters (with only 10 LEDs) for the bedroom.
  • Good for the price, but doesn't match the spec

    posted by rosenanastasov

    Efficient LEDs. Easy to use also. Works flawless even on higher current (I tested them on ~1A) with proper cooling.
    Would be very nice if they matched the description about the color temperature. Since the LEDs are not marked with any code I suppose there is a chance that my order somehow got mistaken.
    Good for the price. Easy to use. Provide a lot of light. But get a sample first to check the color index.
  • Good product

    posted by Kiprich

    I ordered one more of SX CREE XR-E Q5 LED 2-Mode 150lm Warm White Diving Headlamp - Yellow + Black (1 x 18650 / 3 x AAA) for my friend, who lives by the sea, especially for diving purposes. He has not checked it yet in submerged conditions, but on the dry land, according to him, it gives good performance. It is a good product, gives efficient light with 18650 rechargeable batteries as well as with 3 x AAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. The swinging head is also very handy to provide proper illumination for the required purposes.
    The declared band length is 50 cm, which, I think, should be longer, keeping in mind that you have to put the headlamp, when diving, on the wet suit hood.
    Otherwise this is a good product.
  • powerfull and warm

    posted by kanarie

    very bright, solid build (same housing as the skyray sku 32749), stong coating Three modes: low, High, slow strobe (about 7Hz). memory function (if you turn it of for more than 5 sec it will turn on in the same mode). no PWM ! very warm color (pink gold)can backstand and has anti roll grooves
    tailcap measurements High full battery 2,6Alow full battery 0,09Ahigh half full battery 1,86Alow half full battery 0,09A
    A rock solid light if you are looking for a flashlight with a warm output
  • Nice color, low quality

    posted by langedaenen

    Warm colorWide beam if you need it.Single mode operation for quick use.Does not get hot
    After wrapping the alu foil, the light does not get hot at all, so this a pro! I ordered a new reflector, a smooth one, it throws a lot further. Only a small hole in the middle left.I like the "upgrade" of this lense.sku.5955 just unscrew lense and switch them.
    Good warm light if you want to handle/see some detailed or small objects in the dark!But it needs some modding to make it as pleasant as it is now!

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