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cree ultrafire Customers Reviews

  • Perfect small flashligh

    posted by BoxterSS

    Fine metal body,little rain doesn't affect him working.It's good for everyday using because he is small,so You can have it on Your pocket of your jacket
    Bright white colour,i use it about 2 years and he is still working,just toner on l body have a little scratch
    I recommend this ite who see for low price and quality.My opinion its best combination for price and quality
  • Bright light that fits to my hand nicely

    posted by R9999

    Very handy size and fits my handle very nicely.Solid look and feel.You can see traffic signs 300 meters away.O-rings so probably handles normal rain and splashes.Can use AA batteries/Ni-MH's that are very commonly available and work well in cold temperatures.
    Only tested this with 3xAA Ni-MH cells so far.Trying to borrow a Li-Ion cell to test if it gives ever more light.Brightest light I have ever had althrough I just have torches with traditional bulb.
    Nice handy sized torch which doesn't weight too much to carry around.
  • Bright (with a fresh batteriers)

    posted by wipe2001

    + very bright (on HIGH mode)+ compact size+ two modes only, just what I wanted (especially no strobe-mode!)+ low mode is suitable for most cases, it's bright enough for me+ can be used without the reflector when spill is all you need
    I measured how much power it takes from the battrery when voltage drops:V A W4,31,98,24,21,87,64,01,56,03,81,24,63,61,03,63,40,82,73,20,51,63,00,30,92,70,040,1So it doesn't take full advantage of MCE-emitters capabilities but it is a good compromise to keep runtime decent and also keep a temperature tolerable.I'd like it to have really regulated driver.
    With fresh batteries the amount of light is quite impressive. Having two useable brightness modes and compact size makes this is a very good all-around torch.
  • Mixed bag

    posted by VentsiBeats

    Reasonable build quality
    Reasonable price
    Very bright
    Nice white tint
    Beam is more floody than throwy, it doesn't stay in a line, but goes more in the form of a cone.
    UniqueFire S10 is the same shell with R2 LED, has more throw and heats up less. No visible difference in brightness.
    Nice flashlight for the money, but not the best.
    For the same money I recommend UniqueFire S10.
  • Very good!

    posted by pumpelpilt

    I really like this one! Broad hot spot, good colours, very compact- fits in a (big) pocket (without handle), swiching system is very clever, and it has a main swich in the contact plate. Lumen claim is not unrealistic, build quality seems to be good. Handle is easy to remove if you dont want to use it.
    As mentioned, it has a main or reset swich that is not so obviouse to spot. If you twist the battery holder a few degrees ccv, the batteries are disconnected, and the light can be stored with batteries inside. Twist it back, and it is ready to use.If you do this mode swich off, it will return to the mode last used.If you do it mode swich on in any mode, it will reset to 100% when swiched on again, so it is also convenient to use finding full brightness.
    Buy it! It is just as good as much more pricy comparable lights.

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