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cree ultrafire bike xm-l Customers Reviews

  • Well built bright bike light / headlamp

    posted by Fridfjell

    This is a very strong light.The beam is well spread for running / bicycling.Build quality is good.
    I have not yet tried attaching the lamp on a bicycle, but that should work ok as well I think.
    I recommend this bicycle light/head lamp!
  • Super Power!

    posted by neppydotcom

    *This light is extremely bright, i mean, EXTREMELY!You can easly dazzle/blind someone even 100m far.*It is very nicely machined and looks pretty good*The light beam is focusable from very open to a very very focused beam*Lens made of glass -also a con-*White light*Almost sealed battery pack*2 Different size rubber rign*1 amp Charger*5:40 continuous hours In "low"
    *It takes like 5-6 hours for full charge*The charger changes its led color, from red (discharged) to yellowish green (full charged)*I dont think it is weather proof, rain either in real situations, because the light is focusable it has moving parts, which can be easly reached by water, so keep that it mind, Mine got some fog inside the lens after using it on a rainy day
    If you want a nice light, this is what you are looking for, because it is focusable.Most of the other lights are very focused in one spot, so it wont be good at all for biking.
  • Awesome powerful light!

    posted by Superzotnz

    Powerful light!
    The beam is awesome. Guaranteed to be seen by motorists. It's the light I've seen that changes NZ drivers' behaviour -- they actually slow down and behave well around this light. Definitely feel safer using this light. Some motorists even get angry, but then they'd probably find some other problem. DO have to shine the beam downwards when around pedestrians.
    Great light for a great price!

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