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Check out the great cree t6 to see if there is any that suits you. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Customers who purchased cree t6 also viewed cree t6 bicycle, cree t6 module. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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cree t6 Customers Reviews

  • The price is right!

    posted by Branja

    Well built, strong aluminum, nice even throw and some flood. (no donut). The light has 2-mode, not arranged in the clicky but in the driver itself!The clip is very conveniant, you can hang it while camping or hang it on your jecket while fishing. In the low-mode you have nice dimmed light and the battery lasts for ever!
    I have put some o- rings in it and I have bypassed the driver. Now it is 1 mode, and pulls 3 amps. I wonder how long it will last, since the heat can't go anywhere. we'll see. If it breaks, I will order a new one, since they are almost for free :)
    Good strong light, some build-issues but you can easily put some o-rings in it yourself and clean and lube the threads. Bottomline; It doesn't come cheaper than this! It is and stays a good strong light, even when you use it as is. Low mode is a battery-saver and is as bright as a standard bike-light. Recommended!
  • Outstanding power, magnificent finish and build quality

    posted by angelozucco

    Top quality finish and manufacturing.Good reflector, very good spot, very powerful.Fully adjustable light output. Memory.Very compact
    Very small for a 18650 battery. The machining is just outstanding.
    A fantastic Flashlight, very compact, very powerful, feels great, it's like a jewel, the best LED on the best little flashlight.
  • A very Bright light good wide spread of light

    posted by AndrewBaylis

    Very Bright , nice even spread of light, holds charge well i have used it for 3 hour rides no problem, though not all at max brightness. you dont need max lux on road it blinds on coming car drivers!More compact design than the other light i bought at the same time sku 247987Nicely made and quality finished , very good battery pack holder with two straps which fits securely to cross bars.
    A nice light
    Great Light great price! a lot of lux for your money.
  • Sets your anus on fire :-)

    posted by Lumenator

    Very well made.Looks like it really could be a diving light just by the way it is made. It does not look cheap in any way.Threads are not dry and squeaky like most of the cheaper lights do. Lens is as thick as it looks.But the most positive thing is a GOOD heatsinking. Under water it wont have any problems with that either.
    Nice and small and bright. The best thing is (listen up DX Staff!!!)IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY ANNOYING MODES.....Thankfully.
    The name is funny if you know how to read it...sets ur anus on fire.... LOLI think it is funny, no matter what you folks think...
  • very bright

    posted by atze02

    Looking good, very bright ... completely worth the price.
    Card box says 1200lm, instruction in the box says 1000lm, DX says 800lm ... well, at least it´s brighter than my 500lm head lamp.
    Great lamp for a great price.. . ...

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