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  • Not a bad light, some small issues

    posted by atvkilla

    -Nice small size torch-VERY bright-Very useful and floody beam-Nice GITD tailpiece-It does tailstand-Did I mention it's bright?
    Overall a very nice light...a 3.75 out of 5 stars I would give. Bright! Very nice floody beam that illuminates the entire yard, out to 60 yards easy.BUT, of course, poor machining and QC. The body housing is uneven. Protected batteries fit VERY tight...I have to unsrew both ends to push out the battery.Memory mode is very quirky. When I first got it, it would reset back to high after shutting off for 2 or 3 seconds. Then it changed so now it resets after around 10 seconds. Occasionally it is still resetting back to high after 3 seconds. I can't figure out why. When I first had it, it also was flickering quite a lot. That seems to have stopped.One thing I have to say is I am a little dissapointed in runtime. I wanted to use this for Mountain Biking and the beam pattern would be perfect for this, but it only lasts around 35-40 minutes on High. Medium got me around 1:40 or so. However, this torch on medium is still slightly brighter than my Trustfire TR-801 on high, with a nicer flo
    Pretty good light with some common issues. Very bright at the expense of lower runtimes. I will be using this to bike with, but I question whether it'll be as dependable as my TR-801. One thing is certain that I will still be carrying my 801 on rides; just in case!
  • Very good light

    posted by Dale18XP

    Very bright, wide flood. Convenient voltage range for use in auto and aircraft. As bright as better auto headlights and only draws 2.1 amps.
    Good product and very good value.
  • The brightest light I have ever seen

    posted by kootch88

    Solid, good heat sinks, super bright. The clicky switches feel more sunstantial than the 18650 lights I have, this may not be the case, but it does feel that way. The fit and finish is better than the 18650 too, but I think this is more because of the added grith to the light making the threads seem more solid.The heat sinks extend all the way from the bezel to the battery shaft but the head still gets pretty hot with extended use. Something to think about when you shove it in the provided sheath.
    Nice solid feel, thicker than 18650 lights giving it a nice, balanced feel. this is by far the finest entry to the Ultrfire light family thus far.
    Simply awe inspiring, if that can even be said about a flashlight. I gave it 4 stars because there is always a newer, brighter light coming out from Ultrafire, which is a pain in the neck because then you have to go and buy it just to see how much better it really is. Already ordered the 6000lm to compare.
  • Strong beam of light

    posted by ltuuri

    Compact and lightweight for such a strong, powerful light. Good for bicycling, you can really see far away. Not too many modes makes it faster to choose the right one. Solid build quality.
    Form of the light beam is longish: very good for driving. For a general purpose headlamp for camping, cooking etc. I would still use my old headlamp with much less power but broader shape of the light beam
    Great buy, good price/
  • Good light

    posted by nicko123

    Very bright light, feels solid and there are O-ring seals at the openings for waterprotection (i think)Good in size and the price is very good.
    the top part wasn't tightened when i got it so there was an annoying rattle sound when i got it but was easy to fix
    very good light for the price you pay, very bright and feels solid in your had, wrist strap is ok but i wouldnt trust it since the string feels a little bit thin

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