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cree t6 bike Customers Reviews

  • Amazing light

    posted by Arulr

    Very bright light. High Quality LEDsEasy tool-free installation.Four modes. 1 LED, 2LED, 3LED and Strobe(about 100Hz, all three LEDs light up and blink).
    Battery on 1 LED will last about 2 hours Max.When the battery pack runs Low the indicator light on the Light turns "Red".If the battery Pack draws high current then the indicator turn "red". Disconnect and reconnect the battery pack and the light wil turn green if there is still enough charge.
    A single LED light would have been sufficient for my Bike, but sometimes it helps to have that extra lighting.
  • it gives what it was promised

    posted by espirateur

    Very high beam, you will be remarked in traffic, some of the vehicles on opposite side will be annoyed from the light and drivers will wait you that on the side roads. Material quality is very good. Headband everytime helps you when you are camping or repairing your car - bicycle in the darkness. Charger have a led indicator ; red is charging - green is charge completed.
    It may be good with; - A battery status indicator - Higher mAh capacity 18650 batteries. - Fast strobe with single led.
    Don't think to buy it, you can replace 18650 batteries with the higher capacity 4x18650 battery pack.
  • Good for price

    posted by kiborgas

    Good build quality, price and quality is wonderful. Is all aluminum. Surprised by the focus. It is simply flawless, focuses very well.
    A holder attached to the bicycle is not very reliable
    However I'm glad. It's really nice, high quality item, worth the money.
  • Nice Light

    posted by starush

    + 4 grades of brightness. Most of time I used low (15%) in the city and sometimes 50% of brightness.+ Soft bright light, with brighter center, but not "sharp narrow beam in the center and darker sides"+ When connect to a battery and when switch it off, it blinks (up to ten times) to show actual voltage of the battery.+ Separate button for strobe. Works from any state. Very good to use when crossroad approaching, even daytime.+ When voltage of battery really low, the color of switching button changes from green to blue. It means "you have 10-20 minutes to change the battery before it switch off" + Convenient mount with silicone rings+ Small size, lightweight and cool looking with fluorescent silicon elements.
    + I wish if it has additional less bright strobe mode.+ It could be nice to have additional brightness mode between 15% and 50%. For example, 35%.+ I would like to not blind the oncoming drivers, so it could be very useful to form the beam.
    It's very good light for that price. This SKU comes without battery pack and charger, so you able to choose it on you own opinion. I would recommend it to buy.
  • Best bike light value on DX

    posted by wgibso

    Great price, small, BRIGHT, good battery capacity. Everything you need is included: battery pack, charger, all mounting hardware. Connections are nice and secure, and appear watertight.Lights up the road a lane wide for a good 20 - 30 meters in front of the bike, even on a pitch dark road.
    This is perfect for my commute, on which I average around 18 - 22 mph (29 - 35 kph). You'd start to outride the beam at around 30 mph (48 kph) I'd think, so I wouldn't take it down any fast technical road descents. It'd be great for mountian biking, though, because the beam is so wide and bright.It also comes with headgear to wear it as a headlight, which'll be handy for camping.
    Function is everything I'd hoped, and it looks nice on the bike, too. This is the one to buy.

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