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cree r2 aaa

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cree r2 aaa Customers Reviews

  • TrustFire TR-Z10 Cree XP-E R2

    posted by davsrc

    Very nice brightest aaa light I own,I have a Brinyte PDO3A and this light is brighter with a tighter beam due to the R2 color and the 850mh driver compared to a 650 driver for the pdo3A it also has the press and pick your mode then click it in and it stays that mode till you click again,It is a very heavy light I believe it is solid brass, very good heat conductor,also comes with protected battery and charger in nice box with directions and warranty card and one year warranty, solid ,nice finish and bright
    Very nice gift box it kinda seems like a girl light being gold plated but its the brightest and the blinky will blind you temperary
    Comes with every thing even protected battery and charger perfect gift and good addition to your collection tighter beam 850mh on high bad ASS
  • Good headlamp

    posted by tonipandolo

    It's small, makes a good light that's not "blueish" and it's easy to use, uses AAA bateries that are easy to find everywere, the rubber body does a good sensation under the fingers, the light body may be tilted up and down and remain in the position choosed, at mid-power brighten enough to see saving batteries life
    For me worth the money, it's nice to see, the light is comfortable and even if it has weak points it will be not difficult to repair it if needed, i use it as secondary lamp in visiting caves and it makes is job
    i'm satisfied of it
  • Great product with great value

    posted by katzesonne

    *It's made of aluminium -> great feeling in the hands*It's really bright for what you would expect (although not as bright as some "premium" flashlights which cost much more than this one)*Great mechanics with that "telescope" camping light which was the main reason why I bought this*Feels like it will survive rough handling.*It won't blind in camping mode. That's very nice!*It's very small and therefore good to handle and transport - important if you want to use it for camping and carrying it around all the time :)
    It's got a Cree XP-E inside which was a great LED Chip one or two years ago. However, there are more advanced LEDs with a much higher efficiency out there by now (for example the Cree XP-G series which also has a more pleasent light, even with cold white). This would've been a good way to reduce battery usage even more.
    All in all it's a great light for this price. Even though there are more negative points than positive ones, I can recommend buying this. The negative points are just trivias and not as bad as it may sound. Most of them were just some nitpicking, because I didn't want to fuel expectations like this is comparable with some camping light for 200 USD ;)
  • Practical and solid

    posted by Ovecka

    Flashlight is solid, made of heavy, metal material and it's size is suitable for taking it everyday with you in your bag or pocket. I also find zooming function very useful and possibility of using AAA batery as well.
    Not in fact, this flashlight is for its prize a great choice with sufficiency of function.
    It's really helpful thing which belongs in every home regardless of whether you do outdoor activities or not.
  • Surprisingly High Quality

    posted by rraymundo7

    -light OP reflector, smooth beam-good throw for aaa, decent lumen output, useful low and high levels-very nice color, hard anodizing, not easily scratched.-very smooth threads-very good high/low mechanism - not mechanical, but electronic, so it looks durable-nice tint, almost neutral white
    did not expect this good of a light from unknown manufacturer. pleasantly surprised.
    Very high quality for the price. excellent deal.

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