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  • Nice Little Light

    posted by ironsmiter

    Has mode memoryFairly good optics for a plastic lens.The focus slide is awesome and works very smoothly! Even one handed.Full on is VERY bright on a fully charged 18650 cell."Low" is still brighter than a normal flashlight.Stays fairly cool to the touch
    Originally purchased for the led and optics. Was going to machine my own body and use a different circuit board.Turns out, it's a pretty good light, just the way it is.Planning on running it just the way it shipped, for a while, before tearing apart, and seeing about ending the stupid "flashing" mode.Here's the low down on heat and battery life.Thermal management is pretty good. In just over 1 hour of HIGH mode, the top of the flashlight got warm to the touch. maybe 100F?Second battery to go it, it continued to get warmer while on high. Eventually, it MAY have turned into a scorcher, but I couldn't tell, since I only had two cells to test with, and the light cooled off before the first cell recharged.Once I can't stand it anymore, I will disassemble the light, and see about modifying the circuit to eliminate the flashing. Most of the drop in replacement circuits, it's an easy solder mod, might be here also. Will have to see.
    Great throw on the light.Nice anodized aluminum surface.Stays cool for the entire charge life of the 18650 cell.
  • Good bright light for the price

    posted by rshardie

    Pretty bright. Turns on and off pretty easy. Used it the other morning while hunting and setting out decoys. It worked well. Has adjustable focus. When you focus the light to more of a spot light, it is very bright and focused beam of light. We actually used it to guide the boat through the water as we didn't have a big spot light.
    The listing online says it's 310 lumen. The box when I received actually says 160 lumen so the website listing needs to be adjusted.
    For the $$$, it's a good headlamp. Much brighter than what you would get for your money in the big retail stores. I'm happy with it. I actually got 3 of them total. My buddies I gave them to are pretty happy with them as well.
  • Raysoon RS-Q5 Cree XP-E Q5 250lm

    posted by kostik88

    Conveniently mounted on the head, a bright light on one charge, you can use a long time. Very comfortable to field conditions. You can change the Range lighting.
    This model flashlight worth the money spent. Used a flashlight in a mountain hike. Very comfortable. Had to put up a tent at night, walk in the dark. Mount it on the head frees your hands, which is very important. You can also be used for lighting in the tent, as it has very low power consumption, and three modes of operation.
    Very happy with this purchase.
  • Nice flashlight with normal quality

    posted by deXll

    Excellent gift, came in carton box, charger and battery included .No zoom, for me it's pros.Durable, lightweight and decent battery consumption. Bright on high setting (near 150- 200lm), good throw of the beam.
    Current in high mode floating between 700 - 800 mA at fully charged acc.
    Excellent purchase for the money.I strongly recommend to replace the O rings.
  • Good durable flashlight

    posted by Yason

    Metal durable but lightweight body. Compact size.Rubber mount will not break if dropped.Comfortable fit on the head.Flashlight shines bright and you can easily focus the beam.Color filters easy to put on and well kept.When compared to the brand Fenix HL-21, this is cheaper and lighter, but larger and heavier.
    Strobe mode is not necessary to me, would be more useful if replaced by a low-brightness mode.
    A good cheap flashlight. I recommend.

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