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cree q5 wc Customers Reviews

  • Good upgrade

    posted by mighty23mouse

    Used this along with SKU 01920, 23mm optics, to modify a weak 9 led 3 AAA light into a very useful light. Perfect small package and good output. Cheap and easy way to make any underpowered light have just the right amount of useful light for everday carry use.
    Do not apply li-ion directly to this with out it being sinked!! After just a few secs had one desolder itself from the board. This was my first time modding a light and learned what not to do the hard way.
    Get some and modify all those 9 led lights laying around the house. Just don't let the kids have the ones powered by these unless you like not being able to see.
  • Pretty good flashlight

    posted by Albertosoto

    +Compact size for a 18650 flashlight+Nice body dessing+Very nice building and finishing+Switch can be dissasembled
    The flashlight arribed without box, but wrapped in bubble plastics. It has a nice finish, can be fully dissasembled easily. No parts are glued. Driver diammeter is 17mm, and emiter star is 14mm, but a 16mm star can fit in the pill with little sanding (I measured the pill hole for the PCB and it's arround 15.6mm).
    I bought this for switching the emiter and driver with a XP-G R5.Let's see if I find time to do this...Nice Flashlight.
  • Gun Mount Suitable

    posted by salmo65

    Good quality buildIncredible value for money. Very bright- 230lm seems rightthrows effective light 120m+tight beam, very little flood which suited my usethis is a single mode light eg on/off not 3 mode as stated.....this is a good thing for simple use.
    Brought this Recoil Thrower to mount on a .22 cal Rifle. Perfect light for the job.Has also been mounted on a high powered, heavy recoil centrefire and survived with no issues
    buy if you are looking for a gunlight for .22cal or larger. I havent found a better distance thrower yet...this is the one
  • I love this little devil.

    posted by Kapiiitan

    -Manufacturing quality is awesome. Looks much more expensive.
    -Threads well greased
    -No half click functionallity (i thought it was a con, but after having issues while using flashlight as bike light, i prefer this setting)
    I'm glad to have some 14500 batteries, the difference between this and simple AA is HUGE. (sku.26124 recommended)
    This could be a little cheaper, that way it would be the most selled EDC flashlight here.
    Absolutely recommended flashlight, the focus functionality is very useful for use at short or large distances.
  • Beautiful and powerful

    posted by brdenver

    - Beautifully constructed
    - Can set-up in different configurations
    - No need or desire to modify
    - Solid components, no rattles
    - Double seals on all sections
    - Greased, well machined threads
    - Very bright, great flooding and good throw
    - Looks like a much more expensive light
    - What a great price
    - Build quality is fantastic
    I've heard people say the Maglite LED is one of the best flashlights ever. Those people haven't handled this light. It has enough flood to light up my entire yard and enough throw to scare cats off the back fence, 5 houses down (100m+).
    The best light I've ever had in my hands.

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