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  • Very good headlamp

    posted by sashaamk

    Very good. I used it in when the temperature was less than -18C with 3AAA duracell aku 1000mAh, and it was still alive after 2.5 hours!
    Better to separate the head and the power.
    I prefer to buy the same headlamp with 1x18650. And the best was to design it is to have various possibilities: the head with a connector and various boxes for 3xAA, 3xAAA, 1x18650, 2 parallel CR123A, may be 2x18650 etc
  • Very good product for a fair price

    posted by Pengi

    insanely bright
    runs from just 2 AA
    light and compact
    works with either 1 CR2 or 2 AA
    well built
    a really handy, yet lightweight and compact light monster. Maybe not 230lm as stated but still bright as hell for such a small package. Operation can't be simpler: Just unscrew the back, ditch two AA-batteries in, screw on the bottom cap and fire the clicky switch. Wehn operating "this beast" for a few minutes, the housing gets warm, but nothing to worry about too much, you won't burn your fingers. 2 good AA alcalines give you about 1-2h of operation which at first apears to be much but could be better. The converter in this flashlight does not appear to be well built and might fail when operating for more than 10 mins continously. You should affix dsme solder to the rim that connects to the metal case, to achieve better contact, so the converter can put more juice to effect ;)T
    Current drawn is insanely high as stated below. If this uses a 3W emitter, effiency measures only about 60-70%. a better converter should give a much better runtime and less heat.
    The casing itself is surprisingly well made with smooth threadings and rubber rings for keeping moisture out. But there seems to be some gap anyway as i already managed to get some water inside.
    A fair warning: Do not put cheap batteries in this thing.
    As the current drawn goes around 1.7A or 1700mA, you'll need low esr cells. I have found that for AAs only quality alcalines and ready2use NiMH and some quality NiCds fit that requirement.
    Cells with a esr too high(like mangan, carbn, chep nicads and stuff) will tend to get very hot by the insanely high current and esr combined. They most likely won't explode but due to the intense heat buildup they are prone to premature failure and leakage. You probabbly don't wanna put this baby at risk just for saving on batteries ;o)
  • The tale of time...

    posted by mbspark77

    Stainless Steelwater proofglow in the dark O-ringsvery bright and well focused light for EDC use.
    i waited on doing a review until i had had the flashlight for a few months to see how it would hold up...and i have to say i'm quite impressed.i would definitely recommend this little flashlight to anyone who need a bright reliable EDC light
    get it
  • Nice Q5 led, good modder item

    posted by matrix-neo

    Nice Q5 well built 16mm base, unable to tell if it's Wc but it's brighter than other leds i have, the inner beam seems a bit broader while still keeping a decent side spill, need to experiment with more reflectors
    Good to mod in those smaller AA sized body flashlights, i'm using it in the camo 1XAA light, just need to find a good heatsink that will fit behind this led
    A very worthwhile addition to any light modders collection everywhere, price is very competitive and quite low price compared with others especially when you factor in the shipping for anywhere in the worldwide destinations is included for free!
    Thank you Dx keep up good work
  • Great Light source for your key chain

    posted by smithe

    I have had this little torch on my key chain for over 2 years now and it has proven invaluable in that time!- Very good light output of white light for the small size- Uses readily available AA battery
    The paint finish on mine has worn off quite a bit, since it has been constantly fighting with the keys in my pocket for over 2 years. Nothing can really withstand that treatment unharmed, so I don't see this as a negative point. Plus, it still works as it should.
    I would absolutely recommend this torch. Everybody should keep one on its key ring as it can be a real life saver.


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