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The perfect cree q5 led here to meet all your needs. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. cree led headlamp and cree xpe led are the hottest keywords that customer use. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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cree q5 led Customers Reviews

  • Good

    posted by clovisgtl

    - low price
    - litle size
    - good voltage regulator (efficient)
    - wide range of power input voltage
    - very brigth
    - good product
    Good replacement for flaslights.
    The corrent vary according to voltage.
    Less voltage, more current (4,5V = 0,8 A).
    More voltage, less current (12V = -,36A).
    I buy another one module sku 11836, and will use this and that to replace leds on other flashlights wich use less brighter leds.
    Satisfied. With, price, quality and atendance by DX.
    Great buy.
    Thanks to DX.
  • Not to shabby

    posted by allotabass

    Good build quality but could be better at this price point. It's the only DX light I have with a side clickie and I know I'll never use the side mounted charger....it probably doesn't work. Finally found a lanyard that fits my big American hands. I guess the chinese have tiny spuds so this doesn't bother them. Smooth threads and plenty of gaskets. Overall the quality is good but I can see it chipping easily.
    Light is bright enough to burn steak.
    DX took 2.5 months to fullfill my order and after many orders with them they still loose the shippments. CS is starting to suck and the live chat is a joke. I'm only mentioing it here because they really don't read these reviews and never answer emails.
    It's a flashlight and it works. I suggest you look directly into it for about 5 minutes just to make sure. Don't forget to run into traffic while holding scissors. Take lots of drugs and club baby seals. Eat fatty foods and sit around all day pretending to a millionaire and live off of givernment welfare programs.
  • Excellent light

    posted by TrakTuned

    -Great build quality-Great machining on threads-Tail threads are semi-squared-Twist zoom is great, hate push pull....-Decent flood spread-Throw mode is focused-Anodizing is really pretty nice, very even and has good feel-Zoom ring in Purple looks AWESOME!
    One of my favorites lights, my favorite zoomie by far.
    A very well built flashlight and the price is very good for what it is. Has a stout feel and seems way more stury than the x2000.Machining overall is very nice and this torch is well worth the 14 dollars.Love mine and use it very frequently, still working flawlessly.Great buy
  • Good Value

    posted by quarx

    -several battery option is a plus
    -does not generate as much heat as my Romisen N3, but the have more or less have the same amount of light. Maybe Q5 is more efficient and it converts much of the energy to light.
    I like the minimalistic design, but I still have to see after some time if some scratches comes up, my Romisen is full of scratches now with normal use in a month.
    I would get another Q5, if I am pressed to get one now. Might wait a little while for some other model to surface, these things gets obsolete easily.
  • Nice Little Light

    posted by ironsmiter

    Has mode memoryFairly good optics for a plastic lens.The focus slide is awesome and works very smoothly! Even one handed.Full on is VERY bright on a fully charged 18650 cell."Low" is still brighter than a normal flashlight.Stays fairly cool to the touch
    Originally purchased for the led and optics. Was going to machine my own body and use a different circuit board.Turns out, it's a pretty good light, just the way it is.Planning on running it just the way it shipped, for a while, before tearing apart, and seeing about ending the stupid "flashing" mode.Here's the low down on heat and battery life.Thermal management is pretty good. In just over 1 hour of HIGH mode, the top of the flashlight got warm to the touch. maybe 100F?Second battery to go it, it continued to get warmer while on high. Eventually, it MAY have turned into a scorcher, but I couldn't tell, since I only had two cells to test with, and the light cooled off before the first cell recharged.Once I can't stand it anymore, I will disassemble the light, and see about modifying the circuit to eliminate the flashing. Most of the drop in replacement circuits, it's an easy solder mod, might be here also. Will have to see.
    Great throw on the light.Nice anodized aluminum surface.Stays cool for the entire charge life of the 18650 cell.

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