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cree q5 flashlight

You can find fashionable cree q5 flashlight at a low price. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can also browse cree q5 c8 and cree q5 300lm. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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cree q5 flashlight Customers Reviews

  • good one!

    posted by garlando

    + pulls 1A at tailcap with 3 freshly charged 18650
    + many possible combinations of different types of batteries and total lengths
    + good build quality for this price
    + nice throw
    + can tail stand
    Leds are connected in serial. It pulls 1A at tailcap with 3 fresh charged 18650, that is a input power of 12,6W and a output power of (assumed 80% efficiency) app. 10W and 2W/Led or app. 600-700mA/Led. Compared to Olight M30, this one pruduces more light output. I would gess ist about 900 lumen. Olight M30 is rated to 700 lumens.
    For that price go for it! Should be better than the old one and not much worse than 5xR2 module i gess.
  • good flahlight

    posted by iikkak

    the construction quality is really good. the flashlight comes in perfect quality and the threads on the flashlight are greased already. There are also o-rings preventing moisture getting in the electical parts. The glass in the lamp is also scratch free from out the package.
    there is a black neoprene strap for the lamp. the lamp is black, and the lamp is finished really well.
    good buy, go on and buy it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SMALL SUN ZY-A630 CREE Q5 3-Mode 260LM White LED Flashlight w/ Strap

    posted by carper123

    Very good torch for th money i put a 50mm*18mm 2~80-Degree Glass Optics in myne just to give it more throw i altered the inner workings a bit to give optimal throw 29mm from the led gives the best throw
    Just under 300 gramms with no 18650 batteries in so not the heaviest torch i put it on my gun.Its a bit top heavy but still a lot cheaper that other gun lamps.Oh yes i changed the driver for single mode plus put a ir led init.
    go buy one for £12.87 you cant complain
  • Bright and practical

    posted by TomElf

    Bright and very practical with the magnet base, tilt head, hangar, clip. Doesn't appear to come apart, so not for the DIY'ers, but probably is pretty good for water resistance. Has a strong throw which is odd for a utility light like this, but still works well for car/shop work.
    I bought a few for family gifts - it's a very practical light. I bought the green one last year and am very happy with it. This blue one seems to have a different tint - hard to tell, but it may be brighter than my older green.
    Well worth it. Highly recommend it - I have maybe a dozen or so of budget lights and this is the 2nd most used behind my E09 key chain light.
  • Fantastic

    posted by antjam

    1. Great finish if you like the "camo" look!
    2. Bright, I was really impressed with this over my Q5 501B.
    3. Draws 1.4Amps on high and the light stays quite cool, providing and nice through and good flood, have not tested total runtime but with the measured current flow I would imagine that it would be good.
    4. Not too many modes
    5. "Camo" look is cool
    Correct the description, the R5 is great!
    If you like the "camo" look buy this light, it is relatively inexpensive, looks great and performs really well!

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