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cree q5 18650 Customers Reviews

  • Excellent light

    posted by TrakTuned

    -Great build quality-Great machining on threads-Tail threads are semi-squared-Twist zoom is great, hate push pull....-Decent flood spread-Throw mode is focused-Anodizing is really pretty nice, very even and has good feel-Zoom ring in Purple looks AWESOME!
    One of my favorites lights, my favorite zoomie by far.
    A very well built flashlight and the price is very good for what it is. Has a stout feel and seems way more stury than the x2000.Machining overall is very nice and this torch is well worth the 14 dollars.Love mine and use it very frequently, still working flawlessly.Great buy
  • Not worth the buy.

    posted by Lumenator

    Well made body.
    Nice colour.
    Side switch.
    Rotating zoom with slight rests => Position is held, even after putting it in pocket.
    Ther are other flashlights on DX which are better looking, have more light and are of better quality.
    If you like it for beeing green, go for it. If you need light at a decent price, search on.
    It is a flashlight. If you own a Maglite, you´ll be inpressed how bright a LED flashlight is. If you own a X2000 you´ll be disappointed for sure like I was...
  • dubik1@i.ua

    posted by andrei49

    small, handy. kachetvo very good. purchase pleased. use for diving. after the purchase of treated silicone button and glass. added one O-ring. dive and have no problems. plunged by 12 meters. holds water. Flashlight is really good.
    purchase pleased. tempetatura well captured by the module to the chassis.
    purchase pleased. buy and do not hesitate. flashlight you enjoy.
  • Nice Little Light

    posted by ironsmiter

    Has mode memoryFairly good optics for a plastic lens.The focus slide is awesome and works very smoothly! Even one handed.Full on is VERY bright on a fully charged 18650 cell."Low" is still brighter than a normal flashlight.Stays fairly cool to the touch
    Originally purchased for the led and optics. Was going to machine my own body and use a different circuit board.Turns out, it's a pretty good light, just the way it is.Planning on running it just the way it shipped, for a while, before tearing apart, and seeing about ending the stupid "flashing" mode.Here's the low down on heat and battery life.Thermal management is pretty good. In just over 1 hour of HIGH mode, the top of the flashlight got warm to the touch. maybe 100F?Second battery to go it, it continued to get warmer while on high. Eventually, it MAY have turned into a scorcher, but I couldn't tell, since I only had two cells to test with, and the light cooled off before the first cell recharged.Once I can't stand it anymore, I will disassemble the light, and see about modifying the circuit to eliminate the flashing. Most of the drop in replacement circuits, it's an easy solder mod, might be here also. Will have to see.
    Great throw on the light.Nice anodized aluminum surface.Stays cool for the entire charge life of the 18650 cell.
  • SMALL SUN ZY-A630 CREE Q5 3-Mode 260LM White LED Flashlight w/ Strap

    posted by carper123

    Very good torch for th money i put a 50mm*18mm 2~80-Degree Glass Optics in myne just to give it more throw i altered the inner workings a bit to give optimal throw 29mm from the led gives the best throw
    Just under 300 gramms with no 18650 batteries in so not the heaviest torch i put it on my gun.Its a bit top heavy but still a lot cheaper that other gun lamps.Oh yes i changed the driver for single mode plus put a ir led init.
    go buy one for £12.87 you cant complain


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