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cree mc-e Customers Reviews

  • Great Light

    posted by pcopus

    + Exceptionally bright high mode, very frugal low mode.
    + The fit-and-finish is excellent.
    + Very small size for the brightness.
    + Large spot and strong spill - the best of everything.
    When the light arrived, I was disappointed to find that it flickered erratically. I noticed that the flickering would often stop if I touched the switch, so at first I assumed it was the switch. I disassembled the tail cap to take a look at the switch, and noted that the board on which the switch was mounted was grounded to the flashlight body through a rather complicated path: two solder bumps on the board were supposed to contact the retaining plate, and the retaining plate contacted the inside threads of the cap. The solder bumps were rounded and uneven. I flattened the bumps with a small file, and made their heights consistent to better contact the retaining plate. then I reassembled the tail cap, and everything works perfectly. A day of irritation was solved in about five minutes of troubleshooting and rework.
    Amazingly bright and well-engineered flashlight for the money, but be prepared for a little disassembly and rework to make the execution match the engineering.
  • Serial Board for MC-E

    posted by oBoBo

    If you need to wire up a Cree MC-E in series this is the best way and you get a thermal path as well.
    The board is marked with the name of a well known Electronics Distributor A***w Lighting (See Photo)
    2 Positive and 2 Negative pads for connecting to power.
    And Super BIG PRO is it SHINES
    Flip it over even more shine!
    Lots of other people are selling parrallel boards but I only found serial boards here at DX. Its better to run multiple LEDs(dies) in serial because the forward voltage of each can vary. So if they're in parrallel on a constant current they all get the same voltage too but they don't all run at the same output then, power is wasted at the LED waste equals heat. Heat is bad. So parrallel hates LED. Use serial.
    Buy it for running your Super Shiney LED in series
  • Big bright spill, tight focus

    posted by techjunkie

    focuses CREE XRE hotspot to very small, tight beam.
    Spill is big and very bright compared to smaller reflectors.
    Shallow enough to replace lucite optics in some torchs.
    Worked really well with MC-E emitter with its dome removed (by accident).
    I bought this before sku 18073 came out, which would have suited my application much better.
    With MUCH dremmelling of the inside of the head of my torch, and a little grinding off the top of the wide end, I was able to adapt a RayOVac 4W 3C toch to use this reflector instead of the collimator lens (and retaining ring) it came with. 40.6mm glass doesn't fit the bezel on that torch, but 40mm does.
    inexepensive all metal reflector with good OP coating. Gives good focus to CREE and plenty of bright usable spill.
  • cree mc-e emitter

    posted by southportcaver

    this is an awesome emitter i bought it to build a mc-e light cheaper then you can buy one and i am supprized how bright it is compared to a sst-50 emitter , i have a thrunite catapult v1 and i put this cree emitter in a ultrafire c2 and its pretty close to the same output , the catapult draws 1.75amps and is rated at 900 lumens and my mc-e is drivin with a single 18650 with a 0.1ohm 1 watt resistor instead of a driver, and it draws 2.87amps
    i plan to build a headlamp with one of these emitters for caving
    its an awesome emitter and i would recommend it to anyone in need of a bright light
  • Literally brilliant bike light

    posted by 1afcaust

    I check the DXT site and bought this light based on the width of beam shown on the page. As a single bike light the very tight beams are dangerous and the very wide ones are next to useless.. This light is just amazing. It is much brighter and wider than a the Niterider MiNewt and about half the cost. Fabulous investment with handlebar bracket.
    Best value solution for a road bike and doubles as very bright torch as well.

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