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  • Literally brilliant bike light

    posted by 1afcaust

    I check the DXT site and bought this light based on the width of beam shown on the page. As a single bike light the very tight beams are dangerous and the very wide ones are next to useless.. This light is just amazing. It is much brighter and wider than a the Niterider MiNewt and about half the cost. Fabulous investment with handlebar bracket.
    Best value solution for a road bike and doubles as very bright torch as well.
  • powerfull and warm

    posted by kanarie

    very bright, solid build (same housing as the skyray sku 32749), stong coating Three modes: low, High, slow strobe (about 7Hz). memory function (if you turn it of for more than 5 sec it will turn on in the same mode). no PWM ! very warm color (pink gold)can backstand and has anti roll grooves
    tailcap measurements High full battery 2,6Alow full battery 0,09Ahigh half full battery 1,86Alow half full battery 0,09A
    A rock solid light if you are looking for a flashlight with a warm output
  • Great Light

    posted by pcopus

    + Exceptionally bright high mode, very frugal low mode.
    + The fit-and-finish is excellent.
    + Very small size for the brightness.
    + Large spot and strong spill - the best of everything.
    When the light arrived, I was disappointed to find that it flickered erratically. I noticed that the flickering would often stop if I touched the switch, so at first I assumed it was the switch. I disassembled the tail cap to take a look at the switch, and noted that the board on which the switch was mounted was grounded to the flashlight body through a rather complicated path: two solder bumps on the board were supposed to contact the retaining plate, and the retaining plate contacted the inside threads of the cap. The solder bumps were rounded and uneven. I flattened the bumps with a small file, and made their heights consistent to better contact the retaining plate. then I reassembled the tail cap, and everything works perfectly. A day of irritation was solved in about five minutes of troubleshooting and rework.
    Amazingly bright and well-engineered flashlight for the money, but be prepared for a little disassembly and rework to make the execution match the engineering.
  • Thanks DX for making these available

    posted by _Diceman

    I bought this to replace the Nichia LED array in a popular 3xD camping lantern so it had a better tint and added brightness.The tint is pretty good (close enough to WG) although it varies toward the edge and centre
    Without DealExtreme parts like this are difficult or expensive to source, especially for those not within the US.Would definitely not have upgraded the lantern if this was not sold here. I wish they had an increased range of Cree and Seoul LEDS (eg. high CRI) so I could change the LEDs in all my torches.
    Easy available, fairly priced, in working order.
  • Huge Spot, Super Bright!

    posted by theprocess

    +very big hotspot and corona combo, at least 4 times bigger than the Spiderfire SSC P7 (thanks to TIR optic)+super bright white light with warmer tint+flawsless andonizing (probably not HAIII since its not listed as a feature but otherwise very well done - no lines or bubbles)+excellent build quality, everything fits together nicely+good size, nice hefty balanced feel - thick aluminum tube+deep threads and thick orings (double in tail) in all the right places (shipped well lubed)+cigar grip ring/block is comfortable, acts as anti-roll also+protected 18650s fit perfectly +modes - low is low enough to use for reading, strobe is seisure level blinding
    *TIR optic & MC-E emitter is the reason for the huge spot (hotspot and corona combo), lots of light output. No real desernible hotspot so it doesnt throw very well. Slight cross/cloverleaf effect at centre of spot. *Reverse clicky which protrudes out of the tailcap (cannot tailstand if that floats your boat, not a negative to me)*Comes shipped in a white carboard box*Output measured at tailcap - Hi 2.8A
    This is the torch you want if you need to put up a wall of bright white light (not a thrower/not a flooder). Much bigger spot, as a result of the TIR optic, than a quad emitter/reflector combo (such as Spiderfire SSC P7). The TIR optic make this flashlight special. Wish list to make this perfect (1) 2-mode/no memory (2) Forward clicky (3) Inverted dome in optic for increased throw - so much potential, but still a great light!


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