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  • Perfect EDC

    posted by axsdx

    Really good beam, reasonably wide, not too dim, not too bright, and without annoying hotspot.
    Well-made metallic parts, smooth threads. One mode. Clip. Also, it's not glued anywhere and can be easily disassembled.
    Mine came with two pieces of glass stacked together, apparently to compensate for the missing o-ring.
    The only o-ring installed seems to be 11x1.0. My guess is that it needs two more 11x1.0 rings for the body and one 12x1.0 (or maybe 11.5x1.0) for the head; sadly, thin rings like that are hard to find.
    On an unrelated note, I'd like to see a black version of this light.
    Perfect EDC flashlight, despite all the cons. This is the light I carry with me most often.
  • Actually a very good torch

    posted by majorpous

    Very powerful for the size and price. Of course, you have to buy a 18650 charger and batteries, and on full the battery life is not great, but on 1/2 power its not bad at all and still bright enough for all but a few applications. Low power is still bright enough for most jobs and has more than an overnight burntime.
    A great torch. I would like to be able to have a twin 18650 version to improve the burn time. Thats about it
    Great buying.
  • Very pleased

    posted by techjunkie

    Very white, very bright, very nice upgrade from single die emitter, especially CREE.
    Easy to swap a 20mm CREE XR-E star with this MC-E star (if you can solder).
    Star is aluminum for good thermal transfer. (Hopefully, emitter slug is soldered directly to aluminum star wihout thermally insulating PCB layer in between, but no way to tell without unassembling.)
    To avoid a dark spot in the center of the hotspot, sit the emitter lower in the reflector than a single die emitter. Because the star is thicker than most PCB stars, you may have to use gaskets or rings between bezel and head to create space between reflector and star.
    If brightness is more important to you than runtime, you will be very pleased with upgrading an existing torch from a single emitter star to this MC-E star, provided you can also supply it with at least 1000mA.
  • Great finish, solid feel LED

    posted by DrKelvin

    Great finish. Solid feel.I have never had a cree LED before so cant say if this one is so much better than something else but it is bright as h-ll i can tell you!And it seems to run of a regular 1.2V AA battery just fine. It comes exactly as picture stated with one red o-ring and the rest are black.
    It seems to be able to hold of water quite good but i havent tested this yet. But if the o-rings are greased with some silicone grease then I cant see why it shouldnt be waterproof.
    If you need a sturdy small flashlight that is good for Every Day Carry, and you dont want to use special batteries (14500 lithium) then buy this one!
  • Great Light

    posted by Geekazoid

    This flashlight projects a strong white beam. Very bright more so than my Romisen RC-F4 or Ultrafire C2. Even on low this flashlight seems to be brighter.
    I need to buy a flashlight case for it now. Not sure on the one that will work with it. Hope this light last a long time.
    Wish I would have got this one first. The best thus far. Got it in the mail about 3 weeks. Great price for what you get.


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