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cree lumen module

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cree lumen module Customers Reviews

  • Not bed for it's price

    posted by Leoric2007

    1) R5 LED means good light power2) Memory option is very useful when you need this on you bike for example3) Price is reasonable for complete drop-in module (LED + integrated circuit board + reflector)4) low heating
    After returning from the repair I'm satisfied. Light virtually identical to the P7 diode average power, but heats it considerably less.2600 mAh battery is almost enough for 2 hours at maximum capacity. For the bike light this is a good flashlight, which is also possible to take anywhere.

    posted by heavyguns31

    Ok this is the brightest thing ive ever seen in a 2 cell flashlight....or a 4 cell either for that matter....Its unbelievable the light this thing puts out. Have been using R2's for years and am switching over to these....one thing tho...there is NO hotspot....so if you want one because they can be used as an aiming tool on weapons lights well you dont have that. Want your hotspot stick with the r2
    This is one bright SOB.....I havent tested runtime yet but will.....no hotspot but the throw is still awesome...lights up the whole night and def anyones house....
    Bottomline is need a hot spot.....go with the r2....dont need it just want a rediculously blinding bright light....heres you baby. could be a bit cheaper....DX will prob lower the price after some time tho...they always seem too.
  • this unit for Surefire M2

    posted by ducn50

    This unit is fitted perfect on my Surefire M2 , it is OP and bright in center , i use it with my rechargeable lith ion thrustfire, It got warm after 20 minutes.
    I also bought the item SKU# 11621 for my C2 so if you have Surefire M2 then order SKU# 14442 and if you have Surefire c2 then order SKU # 11621
    you will not made a wrong choice .this unit is OP but bright in center.
  • Green!

    posted by cowana

    Red PCB (on the inside) makes it stand out from my other modules.
    Strobe is much faster than my other modules - I like it.
    True memory mode
    Proper SOS mode - not SOSOSO...
    A short pause between each SOS
    The SOS is a nice speed
    Nice throw
    Nice flood
    Pretty bright - probably the full 80 lumens.
    Attracts fish (apparently - I've never tried it)
    A nice P60 host that is pretty cool. Not sure why anyone would want a green light (including me!), but if you do, this is the one to get.
  • Very good drop-in

    posted by pi3tr0

    Very good drop-in. It is the maximum output of light that you can get out from a Cree XM-L T6.It absorbs 1.2 Amps @ 10 Volt that makes 12W.The led XML-T& can handle 10W. If the driver has an efficiency about 80% than you will get 10W on the led.The white is almost neutral. It seems an XML T6-1C
    In a flashlight with 2 good 16850 with a real capacity of 2400 mA it could run for more than 90 minutes. In this case it can get hot and it needs a good heat sink
    I'm satisfied with this drop-in

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