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cree light 3w

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cree light 3w Customers Reviews

  • LED camping lantern

    posted by bretta9x

    i bought this lantern to use in the house in case of blackouts it is small enough to fit in a bed side table and is good enough to keep me out of trouble, and with it being LED it should last a long time, with it's fold out legs it is good for putting on the table, and is useful when checking the fuse
    this lantern may have been better with a bigger wattage central LED light
    this product is a good, cheap priced lantern, and i will reccomend it to other family members and friends.
  • Convex Lens MR16

    posted by lu4dch

    Construido con un buen material. La cobertura principal de la lámpara es de aluminio lo cual ayuda en la disipación del calor. En caso de falla es muy simple acceder hasta el diodo led de la lámpara. La luz que emite es de color azulado frio.Built with good material. The main envelope of the lamp is aluminum whereby the heat dissipation is good. In case of failure is very simple access to the LED lamp. The light emitted is bluish cold.
    La lámpara genera muy poca temperatura y da para tocarla mientras se encuentra encendida.The lamp generates very little heat and gives to touch while it is on.
    Como conclusión, es una lámpara para ser usada en lugares donde no se requiera mucha intensidad luminosa. In conclusion, it is a lamp to be used in places that do not require a lot of light intensity.
  • Really bright fog lights.

    posted by LordPhoenix

    1) They are really bright.2) Have they own reflector, that creates concentrated beam.3) Looks waterproof
    In our country drivers should turn on lights even on daytime. These lights could save your expensive halogen lights and car will need less fuel - 2x3W LEDs better than 2x55W halogens. And these give you additional light at night time.Oh, and when it's foggy - your car wil be seen better than with halogens only.
    Good daytime lights.
  • Superb L.E.D.-bulb !

    posted by SmartopiX

    This bulb has the typical BAU15S connector, which makes it possible to install it in a socket designed for (yellow) turn signal lights. Very useful if you want to switch light positions, like I did.The sleek black design makes the inside of the lamp housing look darker, which adds a certain cool to the look of the car.This 3W L.E.D. bulb emits a fair amount of light, making it very useful as a daytime running light (DRL).
    The polarity (which is very important when working with L.E.D.) of my car didn't fit the bulbs, so I had to switch the wiring on the bulb connector.
    This is the bulb I have been looking for. It's a quality product, with excellent performance, at a very fair price. DX, all the way !
  • Good product but narrow spotlight

    posted by stopsi

    - Very bright at spotlight
    - nice finish & look
    - looks professional
    - constant light circle, very regular shaped light
    I have 7W "energysaver" spotlight bulb too, and this is much brighter (3W!) at spotlight but much narrower beam... Old energy saver beam is something like 180° but this is maybe 10°
    Very good when you need bright and narrow-beamed spotlight

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