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cree leds emitters Customers Reviews

  • Big bright spill, tight focus

    posted by techjunkie

    focuses CREE XRE hotspot to very small, tight beam.
    Spill is big and very bright compared to smaller reflectors.
    Shallow enough to replace lucite optics in some torchs.
    Worked really well with MC-E emitter with its dome removed (by accident).
    I bought this before sku 18073 came out, which would have suited my application much better.
    With MUCH dremmelling of the inside of the head of my torch, and a little grinding off the top of the wide end, I was able to adapt a RayOVac 4W 3C toch to use this reflector instead of the collimator lens (and retaining ring) it came with. 40.6mm glass doesn't fit the bezel on that torch, but 40mm does.
    inexepensive all metal reflector with good OP coating. Gives good focus to CREE and plenty of bright usable spill.
  • Very good reflector

    posted by nevik

    A good fit to the SKU 14598 1000 lumen XMLAWT LED. I have bought this reflector before and have fitted it to both the 1000 lumen XMLAWT and the 700 lumen P7 LEDS. You need to drill or file out the central hole to fit the P7 LED.All 4 came in their own plastic bag for individual protection, and then those 4 bags were placed into one slightly larger bag.The reflector surface is slightly mottled which helps to diffuse the beam.Solid aluminium so very rugged and helpful in conducting a bit of heat away from the LED.Either LED gives a good strong and bright centre about 1m wide at 2m distance. There is some gradual spill beyond that, it isn't a sharp edge, but the spill is not overly useful as the bright centre is so dominant. At distances further away the lighting effect is awesome when used with the 1000 lumen XMLAT LED.
    To interface it to the XMLAWT LED I use a mica washer held in place with silicon sealer.It is not necessary to use a mica washer when using the 700 lumen P7 LEDS.I use it with the 18mm SKU 5680 O ring which is a perfect fit.I fit the whole assembly into my own custom machined aluminium housing.
    Good reflector and cheap. Well worth the money especially when you get 4 in a packet.
  • Great quality optics for Cree XR-E

    posted by Thyra

    Quality acrylic glass TIR optics (collimator), precision-molded,nicely locks onto Cree XR-E (sku2394)If carefully aligned, these perform equally well on the LUXEON Rebels !
    Beam is narrow, I judge a bit less than 10 deg, but not as narrow as sku3257.
    There's a few artifacts, a halo and a little color-uneveness for a single system, but this is little. When using all 4 systems together, these effects average out and the beam is quite nice with well-weighted spill.
    Mechanical depth is just 11mm (not including guidepins).
    When using these optics be sure to lock the Crees fully down, to achieve the tightest possible beam.

    I have evaluated various optics from different sources with the intention to use them in my bike light. This is the winner.
    If you need narrow-beam quad optics for Cree, you won't regret getting this.
  • Good optic for a bicycle light

    posted by hscheff

    Good spot beam, with lots of useful side spill.
    Light weight.
    No cover glass needed since lens has a flat front and no cavities where dust or water can collect.
    Fits 3 XR-E Cree LEDs on stars.
    I guess the main beam to be about 10 degrees, but you get side spill of about 30 degrees. (I have uploaded a photo of the beam angle).
    Excellent optic for a bike light using Cree XR-E LEDs.
    I use it mostly off-road; works great!
    The side spill is very useful when riding single track.
  • Strong build for strong hands

    posted by siberianbat

    I use them to modd a Gilera Runner headlight (manufactured DMP, not an original). So, fits perfectly as near beam light. I cut some copper at tail and screw this reflector to big heatsink. My Luminus SSR-90 fits perfectly. If You plain to fit SSC-P7, You will need to drill this reflector to get suitable hole. I think it is acceptable and you get good SSC-P7 41.5mm reflector.
    Base has superior place for up to 19.5mm diameter constant current driver.
    Useful if suited by diameters))

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