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If you want to purchase cree leds emitters, this is your best place to buy it. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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cree leds emitters Customers Reviews

  • Strong build for strong hands

    posted by siberianbat

    I use them to modd a Gilera Runner headlight (manufactured DMP, not an original). So, fits perfectly as near beam light. I cut some copper at tail and screw this reflector to big heatsink. My Luminus SSR-90 fits perfectly. If You plain to fit SSC-P7, You will need to drill this reflector to get suitable hole. I think it is acceptable and you get good SSC-P7 41.5mm reflector.
    Base has superior place for up to 19.5mm diameter constant current driver.
    Useful if suited by diameters))
  • Great quality optics for Cree XR-E

    posted by Thyra

    Quality acrylic glass TIR optics (collimator), precision-molded,nicely locks onto Cree XR-E (sku2394)If carefully aligned, these perform equally well on the LUXEON Rebels !
    Beam is narrow, I judge a bit less than 10 deg, but not as narrow as sku3257.
    There's a few artifacts, a halo and a little color-uneveness for a single system, but this is little. When using all 4 systems together, these effects average out and the beam is quite nice with well-weighted spill.
    Mechanical depth is just 11mm (not including guidepins).
    When using these optics be sure to lock the Crees fully down, to achieve the tightest possible beam.

    I have evaluated various optics from different sources with the intention to use them in my bike light. This is the winner.
    If you need narrow-beam quad optics for Cree, you won't regret getting this.
  • Serial Board for MC-E

    posted by oBoBo

    If you need to wire up a Cree MC-E in series this is the best way and you get a thermal path as well.
    The board is marked with the name of a well known Electronics Distributor A***w Lighting (See Photo)
    2 Positive and 2 Negative pads for connecting to power.
    And Super BIG PRO is it SHINES
    Flip it over even more shine!
    Lots of other people are selling parrallel boards but I only found serial boards here at DX. Its better to run multiple LEDs(dies) in serial because the forward voltage of each can vary. So if they're in parrallel on a constant current they all get the same voltage too but they don't all run at the same output then, power is wasted at the LED waste equals heat. Heat is bad. So parrallel hates LED. Use serial.
    Buy it for running your Super Shiney LED in series
  • Hard plastic spot beam

    posted by sadest

    ° Very cheap lense for 3 LEDs° Even LEDs with STAR fit next to another behind this triple lense.° very narrow spot

    ° A round glass for protection is not needed

    ° very hard plastic material
    Neither pro or con is that 3 Seouls on Star have 1-2mm space between another. Unfortunately cannot say how many degree the spot has.
    Nice for trying out but I have no real use for these. Maybe on next project...

    approx measurements:
    single lenses: height 10mm, diameter top 21mm, diameter bottom 7mm
    all three together: height 14mm, diameter 50mm (wonder why dx says 48.16mm)
  • DX is shipping the wrong reflectors

    posted by EL34xyz

    Nice reflector, The first one I got was 34.8 diameter as is shown in the product description and fits into an existing product I own perfectly.
    I hope DX gets this sorted out quickly. They are shipping the wrong reflectors.
    Make sure you are receiving the correct 35mm diameter reflector and not the 37mm diameter reflector. Save your shipping envelope, they want photo's of the front and back.
    see info above


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