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  • Not to shabby

    posted by allotabass

    Good build quality but could be better at this price point. It's the only DX light I have with a side clickie and I know I'll never use the side mounted charger....it probably doesn't work. Finally found a lanyard that fits my big American hands. I guess the chinese have tiny spuds so this doesn't bother them. Smooth threads and plenty of gaskets. Overall the quality is good but I can see it chipping easily.
    Light is bright enough to burn steak.
    DX took 2.5 months to fullfill my order and after many orders with them they still loose the shippments. CS is starting to suck and the live chat is a joke. I'm only mentioing it here because they really don't read these reviews and never answer emails.
    It's a flashlight and it works. I suggest you look directly into it for about 5 minutes just to make sure. Don't forget to run into traffic while holding scissors. Take lots of drugs and club baby seals. Eat fatty foods and sit around all day pretending to a millionaire and live off of givernment welfare programs.
  • very decent everyday light

    posted by moregothic

    - nice, shiny built- no toolmarks- decent threads- no sharp edges- easy to operate clicky switch- very bright- good thrower- still enough spill for closer environment- 5 modes- tailstands- 18650 protected batteries all fit tight, no rattling
    I have actually planned to replace the dropin with an MC-E, but now I like it just the way it is. The MC-E dropin will have to stay in my 501b. When illuminating a fan on low, you can see the fanblades
    This is a decent, impressive light which was cheaper than my 501b (which dropped in price recently). It replaced my TR801 in my jacket, because there are no sharp edges which might damage it.
  • My smallest & brightest yet

    posted by WARaider

    Rated at 1200 lumens what more could someone with serious "Flashlight Fetish" want...seriously! This this will light up a tree at night over 100 yards away.
    This flashlight should have been an easy 5 stars had it not been for the "iffy clicky".
    I just ordered 6 more for gifts. Who wouldn't want a flashlight this small that is this bright.
  • Very bright, lucky buy

    posted by gearhounds

    Very bright on high mode, reasonably bright on mid; strobe is high and is guaranteed to cause your friends to slip into a grand mal siezure! Threads were clean on mine and head was not glued on as it was on my C2 Q5. Tail cap turns 2.5 times and seats fully with blue protected trustfires. Switch firm, not mushy like recent C2 offerings, and overall finish was clean and even.
    This light would be perfect if the mid mode and strange SOS mode were dropped and the memory could: 1) start at high mode, then low, then strobe and 2)memory return to last mode no matter what the time turned off
    At the mistake price was a fantastic deal, at the corrected price a great deal if all the apparent bugs can be overcome. I'm guessing that due to the huge volume of discount buys the factory was rushing orders rather than concentrating on quality control. When the hubub dies down, get one.
  • Small review

    posted by SKIF22

    First it came broken (see message below). The driver was dead.So, i got a 50% refund, ordered a new driver, repaired it myself (installed AMC 7135x8 driver).Now it's pretty bright (can't say is ot the same with original dead driver, but AMC 7135 sure is one of the best circuit boards available).Sure it's a tactical flashlight, very small hotspot from 2 meters is about 10 cm diamter, then the first light ring (5x times dimmer) and the second light ring for about 2 m diameter is very dim. Just a standart thrower light.Build quality is very good except the original driver.

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