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  • entry level drop in

    posted by arbiker501

    Price to lumens upgrade for p60 units is amazing esp with cost of savings for cr123 cells . Just a wonderful vaule. My unit is in my beater host and has been dropped countless times with no issues. Very simple to use no issues there
    The light output , simple use and long runtimes since this bulb is not driven to the max is great. A good standard 18650 should give 2h min with this light . Has been my experance
    A good value upgrade till you needs require more
  • Bright but could be better

    posted by PedroExtreme

    - Bright (could be brighter);
    - Easy to "program";
    - Easy to place in UltraFire WF-502B;
    - No useless mode such as Strobe and SOS;
    - Great value for money
    Very useable drop-in module with no nonsense modes
    Just the brightness you want in just a few seconds.
    Try this you won't regret it.
    I expected a brighter module but all in all it's not bad!
  • Two months later.

    posted by 1dash1

    Bright. Well-built for the price. An unbelievably improvement over the Xenon bulb that used to power my Cabelas XPG.
    A good multimode with the same quality as this unit would be nice. SKU#11622 and SKU#13658 are disappointing (no memory and poor output). SKU#11074 looks promising, but has been out of stock for some time now.
    After two months of practical use, my hat's off to DX. Great product! Note: Readers may also be interested in the R2 single-mode SKU#11836.
  • Best Choice for Bike Lights

    posted by chris2002rock2

    If you are browsing this drop-in, you know it's the brightest available in its class. After comparing to P7 C and D-bins, this drop-in matches performance at 1A what the P7s throw at 2A.
    With both lights operating (at the above rates), the area one expects to have lit by vehicle headlights is lit perfectly by this module. The P7 does fill in the sides much better, and on a bike they really complement one another.
    However, given the heat and charge cycle issues from running the P7 at 2A means that in reality, the P7 can't operate for as long as many poeple will need the light. I did a sag test with http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.19624 cells and got 2:15 till it switched automatically to strobe mode.
    In this host: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.16241 heat dissipation was fine, though 1A is not difficult to deal with.
    This R5 emitter in a P60 drop-in should be the best selling emitter package. For all of the hype of the quad-die emitters, this amazing LED has crept in with efficiency that really does offer a powerful counter-point to the less efficient P7s.
    By the time you factor in heat and cell sag, any application where the LED is operating for more than 20 minutes or so is going to wish they had this over any of the quad-die emitters. If you have a well-ventilated light with 2 or more high capacity cells (18mm at least) then you can get some benefit, all others really need to buy one of these modules. Not only is it the best in class, it can also be retro-fitted to replace some earlier emitters (rather than upgrading to a P7 torch).
    I really only bought this just to test throw against the P7s I had purchased for bike light and similar applications. I'm ordering another right now, and some drivers to see how well it runs at 1.2A.
    If you have any qualms about a P7 or similar emitter, you absolutely should get this instead. There are going to be so many people with buyer's remorse who get the P7s not knowing its caveats.
    If you recommend a light / emitter for high power in a compact (single 18650 cell) light for a newb, it's really best to point to this.
    let the user decide to get the P7 only when they understand the qualifiers. I think it's a mistake to hype the P7s when the same performance is available with less power consumption, and the power consumption on small lights can be a deal breaker, not to mention a heart-breaker when your fancy light melts.
  • Used for: DIY dive backup light from 3/4 NPT pipe

    posted by ARYcave

    Wide range of power options. I used 2 RCR123A 3.0V 900mAh rechargeables which allowed me to make light only 4" long and brighter than 3W LED commercially available lights. I could easily add 2 more elements which adds brightness and/or burntime. Driver is simple. Dimensions are very compact and fit into 3/4 pipe after some minor filing. Produces a good bright spot.
    Excellent LED for compact backup lights.For use in video capturing you should pair it up with diffuser, for example like I did
    good product


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