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cree led module

You can find fashionable cree led module at a low price. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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cree led module Customers Reviews

  • Great drop-in

    posted by gasbag11

    Very bright. Probably close to 600 lm. but I have no way to measure it. It's brighter than a UF 502b rated 900 lm. Very nicely made and the emitter is well centered. It has memory too.Fit perfectly in a Ultrafire C8. Even the reflector fit perfectly after I removed the small plastic washer from the back of the reflector. A necessity because the XM-L emitter is larger than the original. It popped right off though.I should also mention that the original module had a spring on the back, but this one doesn't. It still fit perfectly.
    I bought it to replace the module in a light that has "next mode memory". The light has gone from my least favorite, to my most favorite single XM-L light.
    A few dollars cheaper and I would have given it 5 stars for price. But still worth it because it turned an unused light into an often used light. I definitely recommend it to upgrade a C8 light.Very glad I bought it. :)
  • Good product

    posted by platonas

    It has a little wider light beam that makes it more useful than the majority of other lights.
    Compared to my other torches with R2 this is much brighter, more then twice the light output. The beam is wider and give a more useful coverage of bright light (compare to R2). It works on a single Lithium-Ion cell as well as with more cells in series (higher voltages).
    It is a good module and I could buy it in the future again, provided there is a price drop.
    I will do the same modification since I consider it very important.
    The LED its self is more efficient and give more lumen/watt than any other LED in the market at this moment. More efficient than the R2, look at the data-sheets if you have time.
  • Nice drop-in module for off-the-shelf flashlights

    posted by DragonPhyre

    + Springs are nice and big+ Center contact soldered well+ Unit can be easily taken apart to replace LED with another CREE if needed

    + Made of metal for heat dissapation
    This unit got warm VERY quickly on high--it is a good thing everything is made out of metal on this one--it needs it!

    Lower input voltages make for weird mode selection. If your batteries are going flat, you will know it when the modes start to act weird.
    Great little module for the price. I am pleased with the smaller diameter, which will let me put this module in some smaller lights I have around that use the typical 3xAAA batteries with 5 5mm LED's in them. However, I will have to be wary of the heat this unit--along with other similar units--puts out.

    I am almost ready to put one of these on my RC monster truck so that I can drive at night. It really lights up the path!
  • Once you try it, you will never go back.

    posted by dark1

    -Neutral white 5A bin emitter
    -Excellent color rendition outdoors compared to common cool white LEDs
    -A quite respectable output: 185 lumen out of the front (measured in a Surefire 9P on 2 li-ion cells).
    -decent beam without very pronounced rings
    -fits somewhat tightly in a Surefire which means better thermal path than with loose fitting modules
    Warning: once you experience neutral white emitters once, you will never go back to cool white.
    Get it. Now.
  • Good

    posted by clovisgtl

    - low price
    - litle size
    - good voltage regulator (efficient)
    - wide range of power input voltage
    - very brigth
    - good product
    Good replacement for flaslights.
    The corrent vary according to voltage.
    Less voltage, more current (4,5V = 0,8 A).
    More voltage, less current (12V = -,36A).
    I buy another one module sku 11836, and will use this and that to replace leds on other flashlights wich use less brighter leds.
    Satisfied. With, price, quality and atendance by DX.
    Great buy.
    Thanks to DX.

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