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cree led lumen Customers Reviews

  • Little Sun

    posted by Cherax

    Very bright this little flashlight.Mine came with XP-G !The beam is VERY useful, really a wide bright beam.(beam is like my Spiderfire P7: wide and smooth spot)
    After fixing it, i love this flashlight!Never seen another flashlight in this size, that have so a useful beam.
    Very small ,very bright and very useful flashlight.
  • A very good flashlight.

    posted by ZuumoO

    A very strong flashlight with good spread of the light.I like that it only has 3 modes, with memory. Very good quality. The black paint does not come off easy. It is capable of rough handling.
    Overall a very good flashlight! Because of the high power, I recommend good/strong batteries. or many of them. I bought regular protected 18650 with 2700mah. And the runtime is about 60 minutes at High.
    At first I thought it was an expensive flashlight. However, it is very high quality. and now I use it daily in my job. It is worth the price.Despite the Cons i mentioned above I recommend this flashlight!!
  • Very bright, nice feeling, could be a bit sturdier

    posted by thefezman

    * Very bright (not as bright as a Q5/R2, but still more than enough light)
    * Good form factor, not much bigger around than an 18650 battery, and a little longer. Fits well in jean or jacket pockets
    * O-ring to make it more water resistant
    * Multiple modes are useful (well, other than the strobe)
    * Battery last a long time on low mode with the 18650.
    * Would be nice if it were a little sturdier
    I would recommend this one, but there is another version now that has the Q5 emitter and multiple modes that I wish was available when I ordered this one. All-in-all however it's a nice light.
  • Cheap, but very practical flashlight!

    posted by TaaJau

    + Very good brightness!
    + Good price!
    + Runs on AA batteries - they are cheap and available everywhere.
    + Supports CR123A batteries.
    + Good runtime with 2xAA.
    * It is very similar to the Romisen RC-N3 ( sku. 9070 ), only about ~$ 5.5 cheaper!
    * Tried both types of batteries - practically the same brightness.
    * brightness is very good and quite sufficient for everyday use. I am also using the UltraFire 501b with R2 LED - of course 501b is brighter, but not so much.
    If you do not use a flashlight every day, not need to spend money on expensive flashlight + charger + Li-ION batteries. This flashlight is a good enough, and runs on 2xAA even longer than expensive flashlights on rechargeable batteries.
    For money saved in choosing this flashlight you can buy extra AA batteries for several months or even years!
  • "If you were stranded on a desert island..."

    posted by Aflipz

    Impressive brightness, good spot, good spill. Always impresses. Lower output mode means long runtime and cool operation. Seems water resistant. It has the power of larger headed 18650 lights, but the portability of a CR123A thanks to it's slender cylindrical design. It has proven to be very durable.
    It could probably be designed to be made even shorter and lighter. A zooming lens would be great too.
    Great light, I ordered another as a gift.

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