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  • tatamovich

    posted by tatamovich

    Powered by a single AAA battery. Has three modes, it is convenient to light. Ideal for wearing on the keys. All included. Very beautiful color. Magnificent taktilye sensation. Enough light for all life cases in the city. For EDC - the battery will last for several months. Rugged, if not score them nails.
    Fast light can be made easier. Now to do this, push the edge of the head along the hull.
    Overall, a good flashlight.
  • Fantastic little torch!

    posted by JohnnyMac

    This little torch is bright as hell for what it is! Focus is very simple and accurate. The lens on mine felt like glass.
    Host casing is very well made. All the threads on mine were clean and smooth and came lubed from the factory.
    As bright as it was with an AA battery it was even brighter with a 14500 Li-ON in it.
    Comes with a neat little nylon holster.
    I didn't even have mine for a day before I f'd it up. While removing the pill, I was too impatient to run all the way down to the basement to get the needle nose pliers. I thought I could hook into one of the notches in the pill and unscrew it that way. I used the back edge of a knife and thought I had cleared the clear bubble on the emitter diode but ended up scraping it right off the emitter. F@#$!! It still works but the light is unfocused, dimmer, and looks like crap.
    When removing the pill, be sure to use needle nose pliers as the diode sticks up higher than the surface of the pill and emitter.
    I ordered a whole new light immediately along with e new emitter to try and replace this one with. I went with a Cree Q5-WC LED Emitter with 16mm Base (sku#11022). Hopefully it will allow me to salvage the light I FUBAR'd and make an already great light an even better one!
    A fantastic little light if the only improvement you make is to replace the steel ring in the focusing mechanism with a silicon/rubber o-ring. An insane amount of light for such a little torch and a screaming value. Perfect for every day carry. Get it!
  • Solid construction, good bright light

    posted by HouseofStrauss

    Good solid construction in die-cast aluminium, offering more than adequate heat dissipation. NIce stainless fixings, again solid and sturdy. The wire is heavy weight rubberised insulated both on external and internal cores. Light out put is typical cree XML t6 quality, but this light has a nice shiny reflector giving a good long range bean with 30' throw. The lens is plastic and well recessed that looks like it will protect well from stones and chips. we'll see.
    The bracket and construction is well made, and appears to resist vibration shake from the engine.
    Good delivery times, considering it comes from China, no custom problems to UK. The unit gives a great light and suitable as a bike or car ancillary spotlight that will give a brilliant long range beam not unlike a high quality XML t6 torch. Slightly more beam divergence makes it well suited for road use. So far well recommended.
  • Nice suprise

    posted by rpnbilly

    Tiny little body, with a huge amount of light. It's easy to use, has been reliable for me, and is really better than any other light at your LBS for $33.
    The mode system is wonderful. 4 modes of brightness when pushing the lit up green button, and instant strobe with the orange button, they are separate. I have had no heat issues on high, but have been moving quickly when in high mode.
    This unit is quite bright, so tiny in size, easy to mount, even easier to use! I cannot find any serious problems to date, after several months.
  • Really great flash

    posted by scusa

    compact size, metal body, hand-strap.It has really 300m distance ( maybe more ). The zooming is really usefull and working as expected. Battery lifetime is over 3h even if using the full light lvl.. Light level is really strong with a great visibility
    Wondering if the lens are orderable because then you would have a longer visibility.. Only what I need now is the batman sign and can make a fun of people in the city at the midnight =))
    It was a best choice in regards to prize and specifiactions.


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