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  • Jet torch.

    posted by blindnick

    XM-L power flashlight for moderate price.
    Well designed hull with fluent outlines. All part unite the thread without use gluing.
    The deep big reflector. Easy change consumables (the o-rings, switch). The massive aluminum hull for diffusing of the heat from 10 W of the LED.
    Good switcher with plunger for minus contact. Case of switcher seem as for UF C1 – very much reliable.
    The battery is jammed between spring positive and negative contact.
    FandyFire - a new trademark, supported by DX. I can't to find information on this trademark in the other site. The torch from DX traditionally more cheaply usual stores (under comparable design). Buying the torch ?10 was made on exterior, declared LED and the price - this is one of the cheapest torches to such designs with pleasing exteriors.
    This torch is not thrower. Maximum distance (for my eyes) is 100 meters – for summer (on green trees). Possible for winter distance will be 150…200 meters. XM-L and new driver replace XR-E for this flashlight.
    For this torch possible to find the cartridge pouch in military store - a slip cover on description DX to select practically impossible (or book all slip covers immediately).
    Good purchase. C10 flashlight justifies each meerschaum, spent on buying and future modernization.
  • Thrower. Good thrower.

    posted by mameluco

    1. Its a thrower good for mid/long range lighting. 2. Despite its a thrower, it has a good spill too.3. Aluminum smooth reflector.4. Glass lens.5. Orings everywhere.6. Came lubed and with enough thermal paste.7. Well built.
    Worked out of the box.I use only 1x18650 battery, never tried CR123A batteries.Two modes: hi/lo. Draws 1.1A at tailcap from 1x18650.
    Its great but you can find good throwers here with better prices. But its still worth it.
  • Top Flashlight

    posted by FlashRider

    I own around 15..20 flashlights.
    Romisen makes very good built and solid flashlights.
    I clearly rate them in average higher than eg Trustfire, Ultrafire, SmallSun.
    the higher weight might be due to better buiilt and better heat management.
    The Cons are the price you pay for better quality.
    Personally, I am willing to spend 10-20% more for a tool that I expect to be reliable.
    I make this review since I am astonished that nobody else has done so before. Is this flashlight not bought by other people, because it isn't that cheap as others?
    Giv'em a chance - it's deserving it!
  • Great drop-in

    posted by gasbag11

    Very bright. Probably close to 600 lm. but I have no way to measure it. It's brighter than a UF 502b rated 900 lm. Very nicely made and the emitter is well centered. It has memory too.Fit perfectly in a Ultrafire C8. Even the reflector fit perfectly after I removed the small plastic washer from the back of the reflector. A necessity because the XM-L emitter is larger than the original. It popped right off though.I should also mention that the original module had a spring on the back, but this one doesn't. It still fit perfectly.
    I bought it to replace the module in a light that has "next mode memory". The light has gone from my least favorite, to my most favorite single XM-L light.
    A few dollars cheaper and I would have given it 5 stars for price. But still worth it because it turned an unused light into an often used light. I definitely recommend it to upgrade a C8 light.Very glad I bought it. :)
  • Small thrower in disguise.

    posted by isotco

    - Plenty bright using a single 18650 (11500 lux @ 1 meter @ 3.83 volt).
    - The coating is very nicely done and it really is Type 3 (HA III).
    - The S/S assault crown is pretty sharp.
    - O-rings everywhere and double O-rings at battery tube, it is waterproof.
    - Good throw due to smooth reflector.
    Throws really well and looks nice.
    The bezel is a bit sharp, might wanna be careful about that.
    I can't get the reflector out of the flashlights head so a future emitter upgrade might be hard.
    It is pretty good at what it does, although it would have benefited from a OP reflector.


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