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cree led emitter

This is our best cree led emitter, they all share a great design and great prices. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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cree led emitter Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Q/P ratio, extremly powerful

    posted by Natopsi

    Very powerful and efficient. The Insulated Metal Substrate is easy to fit on any thermal dissipation device with M3 screws.The warm white color is perfect for domestic lighting.
    If you are searching for high power LED lighting solutions this is a good choice, equivalent to a 500W incandescent light.Also, if driven at low power (5 to 10W) it has an excellent efficiency and thermal dissipation is very easy to achieve.
    I melted some plastic putting it about 1cm on the front of the led.
  • Very small R5 units, very bright.

    posted by lasermanathome

    These very small emitters can be mount on an E10 bulbmount, wich is in use for bike headlights and many older flashlights.Can also be mounted on a maglightbulb (the metal part).Take care of cooling and current (1500mA max) and you will have an extreme improvement in your lightoutput.
    Can be placed in flashlights wit the older R2 and other leds wich have a less efficiency.The extreme small lightemittig part makes them also suitable to build a recoil flashlight wich can be constructed with a divergence wich produce a beam almost like a white laser (wich I have)
    Very nice LED to use for almost anything.When you use 3.0 Volt , the led does not need further cooling bus is already very bright.This small brother (or sister) of the T6 is able to produce very small beams.Pushed to the max it will be able to deliver almost 500lumen but with lower current het efficiency is better.This is a common fact, powerfull emitters have often a higher efficiency with lower current .
  • Good upgrade

    posted by mighty23mouse

    Used this along with SKU 01920, 23mm optics, to modify a weak 9 led 3 AAA light into a very useful light. Perfect small package and good output. Cheap and easy way to make any underpowered light have just the right amount of useful light for everday carry use.
    Do not apply li-ion directly to this with out it being sinked!! After just a few secs had one desolder itself from the board. This was my first time modding a light and learned what not to do the hard way.
    Get some and modify all those 9 led lights laying around the house. Just don't let the kids have the ones powered by these unless you like not being able to see.
  • Cheap and very bright

    posted by imprtvizion

    Great little Cree emitter, its a lot smaller than it looks. The whole base is only about the size of a penny. Not to mention the emitter which is extremely smaller than a grain of rice. Which is really impressive that a little thing like that can light up an entire bedroom. I compared it to my other cree Q5 sku 13974. With this LED there beam is nice and round not much artifacts like my other Q5. This emitter emits a much lighter shade of white then my Q5 XR-E emitter. Build quality is very good, I can't see how it could be made better. Emitter is deal center on the base. If you're thinking about trying to make an XPE emitter this would be a perfect buy. For a little over 5 dollars USD how can you lose for a Q5. DX wrapped the emitter pretty good with bubble wrap. I couldn't even tell what was in there until I undid all the bubble wrap. I currently have this emitter in an a 13 LED husky flashlight body that had blown LEDs a week after I bought it. Right now its all flood and no throw, but it works pretty wells as a flood flashlight. Although that is not my intention for this emitter. Its emitting just fine but, now I need to get a nice reflector for it so, it'll have a good throw beam and a nice acrylic lens, so it doesn't look like a naked DIY flashlight and I'll be all set.
    This Cree emitter is the best emitter I've owned so far, it would make one crazy super flashlight if someone were to put three of them into a full sized flashlight. Or it would make one really bright bike LED. Its got a good amount of light cheaper than XR-E, so just go ahead and buy one and try it out. Just make sure to get this one and not the little round XPE emitter base one. That one is even smaller than this one.
  • excelent blue led

    posted by ingosken

    easy to useeasy set uporiginal Cree led very very brightlike black light
    some soldering skills must be neededtested at 350ma and 650maat 350 don't even get warm (about 25ºC)at 650 get little warm (about 50ºC) even dough must be mounted on a sink (just in case)
    DX support, expressed that is a XPE, for me is a XRE model(even dough, both must run up to 1000ma MAX)the differences between 350 and 650 by human eye are minimal (almost negligible)

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