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cree led emitter Customers Reviews

  • Original CREE LED

    posted by ben1680

    Good original LED from CREE
    The voltage description currently on DX site is wrong, it should show between 3.2V to 3.4V as this is green LED and not Red or Orange.
    This is original Cree LED. There is no info regarding brightness bin code or color bin code. It should be included for information purposes. As far as I know, it should be Cree XR series led. Cree brighter LED, XRE series, only available in White color in various bin code from warmer white neutral white, and cool white. The price are not bad though and the color rendition are pretty close to stated color. In this case, this green LED is green in color without leaning off toward cyan, at least to my own eyes.
  • Really bright!

    posted by bluyaris

    This led is very bright. It is the same led you will find in Trustfire tr-801 or romisen RC-G2. It is very easy to solder the wires to the PCB, you will only need a fine point soldering iron. I used it to modify a 2D Maglite. With some modifications, I was succesful to install it in the socket where the original bulb was, and I can still use the focusing abilities of the maglite.
    I used SKU 6190 to drive it. Good combination.
    I recommend this product as a spare part or to any project you have in mind. It is very usefull and very good quality.
  • cree mc-e emitter

    posted by southportcaver

    this is an awesome emitter i bought it to build a mc-e light cheaper then you can buy one and i am supprized how bright it is compared to a sst-50 emitter , i have a thrunite catapult v1 and i put this cree emitter in a ultrafire c2 and its pretty close to the same output , the catapult draws 1.75amps and is rated at 900 lumens and my mc-e is drivin with a single 18650 with a 0.1ohm 1 watt resistor instead of a driver, and it draws 2.87amps
    i plan to build a headlamp with one of these emitters for caving
    its an awesome emitter and i would recommend it to anyone in need of a bright light
  • Great flood emitters at great price

    posted by yrnkrn

    These are great flood emitters at great price. The Cree XT-E are among the newest and most efficient emitters available.
    I build a rechargable emergency light with two of these and no optics. At about 10W it provides great amount of lights, as much as a 26W CFL. Maybe more. I plan to replace some CFL lights in my house with custom build XT-E and XM-L Cree lights. the cree efficiency on paper is about twice as the CFL. Practically it is less but still much better.
    Great buy.
  • Cheap and very bright

    posted by imprtvizion

    Great little Cree emitter, its a lot smaller than it looks. The whole base is only about the size of a penny. Not to mention the emitter which is extremely smaller than a grain of rice. Which is really impressive that a little thing like that can light up an entire bedroom. I compared it to my other cree Q5 sku 13974. With this LED there beam is nice and round not much artifacts like my other Q5. This emitter emits a much lighter shade of white then my Q5 XR-E emitter. Build quality is very good, I can't see how it could be made better. Emitter is deal center on the base. If you're thinking about trying to make an XPE emitter this would be a perfect buy. For a little over 5 dollars USD how can you lose for a Q5. DX wrapped the emitter pretty good with bubble wrap. I couldn't even tell what was in there until I undid all the bubble wrap. I currently have this emitter in an a 13 LED husky flashlight body that had blown LEDs a week after I bought it. Right now its all flood and no throw, but it works pretty wells as a flood flashlight. Although that is not my intention for this emitter. Its emitting just fine but, now I need to get a nice reflector for it so, it'll have a good throw beam and a nice acrylic lens, so it doesn't look like a naked DIY flashlight and I'll be all set.
    This Cree emitter is the best emitter I've owned so far, it would make one crazy super flashlight if someone were to put three of them into a full sized flashlight. Or it would make one really bright bike LED. Its got a good amount of light cheaper than XR-E, so just go ahead and buy one and try it out. Just make sure to get this one and not the little round XPE emitter base one. That one is even smaller than this one.


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