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cree led bike light

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cree led bike light Customers Reviews

  • Good Hi-Beam bike light

    posted by 11bass

    Powerful cycle light. Beam is enough for fast running in night time, even lo-mode is enough for speed about 20-30 km/h (10-20 mph) quite long-life battery in good waterproof metal case and easy mounting tissue case give possibility for rainy night trips. Enough informative 4 colour button. (blue - full voltage, green - normal voltage, yellow - half voltage, Red - low voltage). Charger with charging indication. Every work morning run till university 20 min by cycle with light, most road in use low-mode, some places in use full-mode, battery charging ones per week, in cold times (-15 -20C) twice per week
    In all time of use for me was enough illumination on road by this light.
    Most powerful cycle light what i'm ever use.
  • Strong beam of light

    posted by ltuuri

    Compact and lightweight for such a strong, powerful light. Good for bicycling, you can really see far away. Not too many modes makes it faster to choose the right one. Solid build quality.
    Form of the light beam is longish: very good for driving. For a general purpose headlamp for camping, cooking etc. I would still use my old headlamp with much less power but broader shape of the light beam
    Great buy, good price/
  • Great light for little money

    posted by rep0man

    Very easy to use, just put the batterys in the batterybox and plug it in and voila :) let there be light.. and very bright white lightBattery last pretty long, Very bright white light, no blue tint or anything like that which i like, wide angle on the light and thanks to the lens it wont shine the oncoming traffic in the eyes.Really recomend it
    If you're looking for a small light with very bright light this is the one for you if have a small budget
  • Bright and excellent battery life.

    posted by Hojusaram

    I use this light on my road racing bike. The light is very bright. In fact, I like to use the low level unless its very dark and no traffic. The light illuminates the road well and allows other road users to see me without blinding them. Battery life is excellent and there is a coloured indicator on the back of the light to indicate battery level. It's also tells you that power is on.
    Photos showing:
    The folded and sewn battery pouch flap to shorten it.
    The indicator light illuminated blue. Green fully charged Red low charge.
    The rubber tape to allow secure light mounting.
    The battery pouch mounted so it doesn't interfear with the brake cable.
    The battery Pack with cable and plug.
    Excellent value light even if it has some problems. I would definately buy again. With some modification it can be a brilliant light. Recommended buy!
  • Nice Light

    posted by starush

    + 4 grades of brightness. Most of time I used low (15%) in the city and sometimes 50% of brightness.+ Soft bright light, with brighter center, but not "sharp narrow beam in the center and darker sides"+ When connect to a battery and when switch it off, it blinks (up to ten times) to show actual voltage of the battery.+ Separate button for strobe. Works from any state. Very good to use when crossroad approaching, even daytime.+ When voltage of battery really low, the color of switching button changes from green to blue. It means "you have 10-20 minutes to change the battery before it switch off" + Convenient mount with silicone rings+ Small size, lightweight and cool looking with fluorescent silicon elements.
    + I wish if it has additional less bright strobe mode.+ It could be nice to have additional brightness mode between 15% and 50%. For example, 35%.+ I would like to not blind the oncoming drivers, so it could be very useful to form the beam.
    It's very good light for that price. This SKU comes without battery pack and charger, so you able to choose it on you own opinion. I would recommend it to buy.

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