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You'll find the best cree led base for you here. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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cree led base Customers Reviews

  • Used This To replace my tiablo a9 led

    posted by heng84

    Used This to replace my Tiablo A9 i dont know previously whats my A9 bin but this thing is small and fits perfectly into my a9 as a replacement,
    bright but not as bright as my ori.
    This light is a little too cool for my liking but some of you people might like it.
    Definitely will get another one if anything happens to my led again, because its cheap and reasonable just that you have to wait quite sometime for the led to arrive to your place unless you pay for the shipping hehe
  • Good upgrade

    posted by mighty23mouse

    Used this along with SKU 01920, 23mm optics, to modify a weak 9 led 3 AAA light into a very useful light. Perfect small package and good output. Cheap and easy way to make any underpowered light have just the right amount of useful light for everday carry use.
    Do not apply li-ion directly to this with out it being sinked!! After just a few secs had one desolder itself from the board. This was my first time modding a light and learned what not to do the hard way.
    Get some and modify all those 9 led lights laying around the house. Just don't let the kids have the ones powered by these unless you like not being able to see.
  • Strong build for strong hands

    posted by siberianbat

    I use them to modd a Gilera Runner headlight (manufactured DMP, not an original). So, fits perfectly as near beam light. I cut some copper at tail and screw this reflector to big heatsink. My Luminus SSR-90 fits perfectly. If You plain to fit SSC-P7, You will need to drill this reflector to get suitable hole. I think it is acceptable and you get good SSC-P7 41.5mm reflector.
    Base has superior place for up to 19.5mm diameter constant current driver.
    Useful if suited by diameters))
  • Nice Q5 led, good modder item

    posted by matrix-neo

    Nice Q5 well built 16mm base, unable to tell if it's Wc but it's brighter than other leds i have, the inner beam seems a bit broader while still keeping a decent side spill, need to experiment with more reflectors
    Good to mod in those smaller AA sized body flashlights, i'm using it in the camo 1XAA light, just need to find a good heatsink that will fit behind this led
    A very worthwhile addition to any light modders collection everywhere, price is very competitive and quite low price compared with others especially when you factor in the shipping for anywhere in the worldwide destinations is included for free!
    Thank you Dx keep up good work
  • Cheap and very bright

    posted by imprtvizion

    Great little Cree emitter, its a lot smaller than it looks. The whole base is only about the size of a penny. Not to mention the emitter which is extremely smaller than a grain of rice. Which is really impressive that a little thing like that can light up an entire bedroom. I compared it to my other cree Q5 sku 13974. With this LED there beam is nice and round not much artifacts like my other Q5. This emitter emits a much lighter shade of white then my Q5 XR-E emitter. Build quality is very good, I can't see how it could be made better. Emitter is deal center on the base. If you're thinking about trying to make an XPE emitter this would be a perfect buy. For a little over 5 dollars USD how can you lose for a Q5. DX wrapped the emitter pretty good with bubble wrap. I couldn't even tell what was in there until I undid all the bubble wrap. I currently have this emitter in an a 13 LED husky flashlight body that had blown LEDs a week after I bought it. Right now its all flood and no throw, but it works pretty wells as a flood flashlight. Although that is not my intention for this emitter. Its emitting just fine but, now I need to get a nice reflector for it so, it'll have a good throw beam and a nice acrylic lens, so it doesn't look like a naked DIY flashlight and I'll be all set.
    This Cree emitter is the best emitter I've owned so far, it would make one crazy super flashlight if someone were to put three of them into a full sized flashlight. Or it would make one really bright bike LED. Its got a good amount of light cheaper than XR-E, so just go ahead and buy one and try it out. Just make sure to get this one and not the little round XPE emitter base one. That one is even smaller than this one.

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