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cree led 18650 Customers Reviews

  • The Legend of jacob

    posted by Nagamee

    When I ordered this flashlight it was a buy on impulse (since there are no reviews) and I am happy with the DX lottery for once ( I have many DX dudes in my collection). I am surprised there are no reviews so far for this amazing flashlight, this flashlight is the king of budget throwers in every sense and worth every penny paid for. The far reaching smooth & ultra sharp beam this flashlight throws is simply awesome. It not only throws but the spill is also quite usable. The battery life is again another plus point it will keep going on & on. At this price and performance this flashlight will become a legend in the budget throwers category. 6 stars !
    Jacob is indeed the father of all budget throwers and will also out throw the 5X high end flashlights.
    A must collection !
  • great for the money

    posted by boglai

    small, economical, beautiful design, multi-mode (sometimes a lot of maximum)
    As usual - to finalize a file (Russian joke)
    Light corresponds to the statement. Compared with Fenix ??TK12 r5, FandyFire 2100 brighter. In the maximum mode is not really hot. Meryl current 1330, 670, 153.
    Stainless Steel Assault Crown is not full thread, put O-Ring. Ordered O-Ring Thickness 1,5 mm. Will be used as a backup for spearfishing, and for utilitarian purposes.
    For this money, happy, although not without flaws.
  • Powerfull & Compact - Great emergency torch

    posted by lazblack

    One of the few lights with a higher than rated light output level Great spill, Very stable when Tail Standing Tail Standing > Low mode easily provides enough light for general useTail Standing > High mode provides enough light in a fair sized room (5m x 5m aka 15' x 15') to read in any part of the room! (White roof)\Easy to explain to an elderly relative on how to use as the "strobe" mode only comes on if the power button is held downBattery life on low exceeds 4 hours with 4 cells (Trustfire 18650 2400 mAH protected)No parasitic current drain on stand-by (torch not active)
    Perfect emergency torch to keep in the cupboard, the Li ion batteries retain charge very well for over a year, just remember to charge them annually and your set for emergencies
    This is a great multi-purpose torch, excellent tail stand stability - long run time.
  • good light for the price

    posted by lurch101

    by far the brightest light I own. it is weighs less than my surefire L5 and easily outshines it. I like the single mode light.
    The finish is good. The hot spot is really bright and lights up the trails nicely.When buying a flashlight batteries and charger I would prefer to have all items at the same time. having batteries and a light is no good without the charger.
    I would buy it again if I had the need for another one. I have already recommended it to a friend.
  • Clip it on your shirt!

    posted by Spydey

    Fascinating way to increase or lower lumen output. Just hold the button down and light will brighten to max and dim to minimum and cycle continually until you let go of the button. Removable clip; which is necessary because then you get to turn this little jewel into a headlamp with the supplied headstrap. So a headstrap and clipping to your clothes; that's two hands-free methods!Fits a regulated 18650 with no problems. Used on high for over 10 minutes; barely got warm. Really small! And used with headstrap, it is ridiculously light-weight which means that it doesn't move!
    Great quality; not sure why it's $30 but I'm happy I bought this one.
    Very cool light. Don't know if it is regulated at 1000 mAh; but I don't care! I'm sure it will be one I will use often.

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