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cree flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Good as a bike light

    posted by VisiBlanco

    Nice thick build, accepts a number of different battery types, glass lens, metal reflector. The brightness is good with a nice spot and a good amount of spill. Three modes is easy to use without being inundating the two brightness settings are handy. I really need to do more testing, but I've been getting good runtimes with an 18650 cell (around 2 hours on bright and 4-5 on low).
    I'm using this as a bike light due to the price, good runtimes I've observed, and the fact that it should hold up to a beating. It pairs well with sku 792 and I haven't had any problems with it coming loose.
    For the price, this is one of the nicest flashlights I've seen on DX to date.
  • Great chick flashlight!!!

    posted by Granvilleisland

    I bought this light as a gift for my wife. She was always using my flashlights and I was forever looking for them when I needed them. So, this light I feel is a perfect fit for a woman because of the size, shape and finish. To me it looks like a lipstick. The light it gives off is very bright and the throw is excellent. Even in daylight I could see the hotspot on a tree 60 meters away, and at night 200-300 meters. The throw is so good I think is due to the very deep reflector and has a nice amount of spill. Some other pluses is it only has one mode and I know my wife appreciates that, the battery life is awesome and being made of S/S the light is solid and well built. If you have a special girl in your life this is the perfect light as a gift.
    Having the GITD switch cover is cool.
    Great flashlight and you wont be disappointed.
  • Perfect and bright light!

    posted by MateuszNowak

    light beam focused on more than 300m, the focus very good, not distracting light, ideal for hunting coyotes, wild boar, foxes, etc. for the price I'm happy the perfect product. If anyone is thinking of buying the lights for hunting highly recommended. up to 200m ahead goal can be identified, the extent of light estimate at 300-350m.foxes, wild boar, are not afraid of the light, the light made ??for hunting!
    -everything working so easy switch on (klick) witch cabel can by used on rifle gun perfectly. i recomended that product for hunters!
  • Solid one!

    posted by Me5htar

    It's well made flashlight, its really well machined, threads are good. The reflector is well-centered and it is crystal clear. The clicky and o-ring's are glowing in dark witch is nice. It feels heavy and robust. The switch is deep enough to avoid unintentional swithcing.
    The regulator has memory whitch is nice, 5 modes HI-MID-LO-STROBE-SOS.The regulator makes quite lot of noise when regulating MID & LO but that's within normal limits.
    It's well worth the price, the brightness of flashlight is acceptable, and it is fully useable and robust product, but I received no Cree Q5 nor 190 Lumens as advertised.Excelent product for modification. Put real emmiter inside and it should be perfect 5 star flashlight
  • Sturdy, well built and very bright

    posted by bekchops

    Used for dog walking on dark evenings, this throws out a good wide beam, a really bright and useable beam of light.It feels weighty and sturdy, the metal body gives a quality feel. The clip on the side is useable and big enough for the weight of the torch. The headband is a single band of elastic, with a plastic clip you attach to the band, and has adjustment in one direction only, so you need to have the torch on the side of your head to shine the light forwards. I would highly recommend it.
    Good price, good product
    Its just a great little torch.

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