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  • Sets your anus on fire :-)

    posted by Lumenator

    Very well made.Looks like it really could be a diving light just by the way it is made. It does not look cheap in any way.Threads are not dry and squeaky like most of the cheaper lights do. Lens is as thick as it looks.But the most positive thing is a GOOD heatsinking. Under water it wont have any problems with that either.
    Nice and small and bright. The best thing is (listen up DX Staff!!!)IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY ANNOYING MODES.....Thankfully.
    The name is funny if you know how to read it...sets ur anus on fire.... LOLI think it is funny, no matter what you folks think...
  • This flashlight is very nice.

    posted by Sandhoos

    Powered by one 18650 LiON accu it is remarkable small and compact.Only little heavier and bigger as a Single-AA-flashlight but built withexcellent emitter, high brightness and good runtime.Has rounded design, no edges and is very comfortable to carry in your pocket.Fitted O-rings on reflector glass and all threads to be waterproof.Has side switch to easily use with thumb or pointing finger when holding in your hand.Mode arrangment is High (1400mA), Mid (765mA), Low (250mA), fast-strobe, SOS-SOS and OFF.Note: The switch has no direct On-Off function.You always have to switch thru all five modes before switching off (!).The light is pretty bright in High mode at 1400mA.Very well corresponding with the XM-L U2 emitters high efficacy at this current.Providing a long runtime with no critical warming up.
    No sharp edges makes it easy to handle. Can tail stand and even been switched when tail standing.Will not roll off the desk.For its price its very useful and practical. I can recomend this item.
    For its price its very well built and practical. I can recomend this item.
  • Excellent but needs mods to work properly

    posted by PaiVidyadhar

    1. Led and heat sink are good quality. Wf501b gets hot but not too hot. 2. Driver board supplied is ok too. Draws 1.1 amp at full. So 4 watts. 3.. Runtime of 1hr at full brightness after which it starts dimming. Panasonic 18650a 3100mah from dx.
    Dx please ask your vendor to reflow solder the led with lead balls soldering paste as per cree data sheet. Led will be damaged by hand soldering so incompetently. Brutalized hand soldered led was sitting at an angle, raised on one side. Probably soldered by a kid in candlelight. I had to hand solder this properly.
    Buy this.. Value for money. But be prepared to re solder if you do not like co et tails in your beam image. Led is only 5mm across so this will be difficult. Also get another more powerful driver for this. Sku 12768 is a match.
  • A very nice light.

    posted by gasbag11

    Very good fit and finish. Glass lens. O-rings on head and tailcap and a GITD O-ring on the lens. No blemishes or scratches anywhere. Comes with a sleeve for an 18650, and a 3XAAA battery holder.
    It has stepless dimming and will ramp up and down while you hold the switch on. No memory, and a quick press and release starts it on high, and then strobe. Press and hold, and it starts on low. Low mode goes down to about 10 lm. It's a decent "thrower" (narrow center beam for distance) and has nice, even "spill" light for closer up. Should throw some light out to 100~125 meters or so.I think 500 lm. is probably very accurate.
    It feels good in the hand, nice and solid, and the switch is where it should be for a thumb. It even came with a peel-off protective film cover on the lens. Overall, I'm impressed and would recommend it to anyone. It seems a step above the usual Ultrafire quality. :)
  • Very good copy of branded flashlight, besides driver

    posted by MaofKO1990

    big surprises for me was: - square threads - forward clicky Build quality is very good, close to branded flashlights... This is best quality i've ever seen by Ultrafire. - TIR optics (better efficiency as reflector + glass) - strong clip, can be put in both directions - big o-rings - LED is centered well - deep knurling - anodized threads and tube - gold springs on both sides (driver, switch)
    nothing to say...
    Great copy of a branded flashlight in great gold color, but driver is 100% crap, must be replaced. I uploaded here also some photos.


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