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cree flashlight ultrafire xr-e

These cool cree flashlight ultrafire xr-e are high quality and at affordable prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

cree flashlight ultrafire xr-e Customers Reviews

  • Significantly Better than Expected

    posted by mikesalt

    BrightAttractiveCompactTextured reflectorExcellent beam
    Can tailstand
    The threads were my biggest concern before ordering. However, I found them to be butter-smooth.
    The ideal vehicle to convert someone into a Flashlight Fanatic
  • Timo

    posted by TimoAhs

    Nice size. Good wide light. Uses AA battery - general powersource. I had it with me making plan for security in one place. Small, easy to use! Clip seems to be strong.
    Good work and feels good in hands. Looking nice and really easy to use whith headstrap. Maby could be good having extension for other battery..
    If you need small flashligt to be kept in pocket, good option! I consider to buy another one, cause for it's size is really easy to keep with you.
  • The flashlight

    posted by guillermoarg

    is real light illuminates 200m ace misty night light can be seen in the sky, easy to use push of a button, is strong when metal has weight
    None that I can currently think of at the moment
    is in the glove compartment for general use, the time that came out of normal use because illuminate distant places without having to close.Another use is for Night Paintball games, I recommend it completely and there is no hiding this flashlight at night
  • Nice flashlight with normal quality

    posted by deXll

    Excellent gift, came in carton box, charger and battery included .No zoom, for me it's pros.Durable, lightweight and decent battery consumption. Bright on high setting (near 150- 200lm), good throw of the beam.
    Current in high mode floating between 700 - 800 mA at fully charged acc.
    Excellent purchase for the money.I strongly recommend to replace the O rings.
  • Brilliant signalling in compact, versatile WF-501B

    posted by brdenver

    - Great feel in hand
    - Compact
    - Bright Green LED
    - Good penetration in fog
    - Visible 1km in clear night
    - Visible 400M in daylight
    - Easy to modify
    - Solid case
    - Fits perfectly to the SKU 01375 "Large Flashlight Holster 2-Pack"
    - Durable, well built shell, no rattling
    - REALLY smooth thread on the battery insert section.
    OK throw and good flood for such a little light. Modifications we made to one green and one red included glass optics, reflector and crown to make a thower. Red spotlight not as useful as having the flood through fog for attention, but added a lot of distance for signalling. Looked very cool as well (you've seen Starwars, right?).
    Less than $10 for a WF-501B. Great deal!

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