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cree flashlight 500lm Customers Reviews

  • Good EDC light but not XML-U2

    posted by shawnavonsr

    Glass lens, all aluminum housing, coating is even, Orings are placed well, reflector is good quality.
    DX needs to list the components truthfully in the description. This experience makes me wary to order another light with them.So far this light has performed as expected but not a bad light for the price.
    Not a bad torch for the money. I wouldn't recommend due to description is incorrect. I bought this light for the CREE XML-U2 emitter.
  • Not a bad light, some small issues

    posted by atvkilla

    -Nice small size torch-VERY bright-Very useful and floody beam-Nice GITD tailpiece-It does tailstand-Did I mention it's bright?
    Overall a very nice light...a 3.75 out of 5 stars I would give. Bright! Very nice floody beam that illuminates the entire yard, out to 60 yards easy.BUT, of course, poor machining and QC. The body housing is uneven. Protected batteries fit VERY tight...I have to unsrew both ends to push out the battery.Memory mode is very quirky. When I first got it, it would reset back to high after shutting off for 2 or 3 seconds. Then it changed so now it resets after around 10 seconds. Occasionally it is still resetting back to high after 3 seconds. I can't figure out why. When I first had it, it also was flickering quite a lot. That seems to have stopped.One thing I have to say is I am a little dissapointed in runtime. I wanted to use this for Mountain Biking and the beam pattern would be perfect for this, but it only lasts around 35-40 minutes on High. Medium got me around 1:40 or so. However, this torch on medium is still slightly brighter than my Trustfire TR-801 on high, with a nicer flo
    Pretty good light with some common issues. Very bright at the expense of lower runtimes. I will be using this to bike with, but I question whether it'll be as dependable as my TR-801. One thing is certain that I will still be carrying my 801 on rides; just in case!
  • Excellent flashlight for the price

    posted by KenatSurrey

    Got this flashlight on sale. Excellent quality with a excellent spread of light on high level... no hot spots. The zooming feature is good with a square spot...very bright. Very small flashlight that gives out a excellent light. The clip is good for EDC in the front or back pocket.
    I didn't mind the brown color. All in all is a excellent flashlight for the price.
    One thumbs for this flashlight. Would have given two thumbs up if it had a convex glass lens.
  • Nice compact dive light

    posted by miketsp

    Overall manufactured parts quality very good. Very nice feel to the magnetic switch. I liked the system of going to the left for the constant beams (although I didn't see a lot of difference in practice between Super bright > Hi > Mid) and to the right for the pulsed beams. I haven't dived with it yet but I feel a lot of confidence in the design.Best lanyard I've yet seen on a cheap dive light.
    Advertised as U2 led. Mine both came with T6. As far as I can see from the specs the difference is minimal.I bought a pair of these. After a bad experience with another light that I bought on DX that had been badly assembled and leaked on the first dive, the first thing I did was strip them down completely, lubricate the o-rings with silicone grease and rebuild them making sure the top seals were tight and well seated. One of the lights had a long metal shaving from the thread cutting process stuck up inside that could well have caused problems if I'd just stuck a battery in and gone diving.
    Great value light and very compact for a T6 led with 26650 battery.
  • Buena linterna calidad-precio

    posted by esparko

    Es pequeña y bastante brillante, el clip es fuerte, lleva un led XML-T6 con lo cual es bastante inundadora. El tinte en blanco neutral como casi todos los t6, el oring de la lente es fluorescente en la oscuridad. En la caja viene una batería 16350 recargable, asi que perfecto. Tiene memoria de uso, se enciende en el ultimo modo usado.
    si viniese con una pequeña funda seria genial
    en definitiva, una linterna compacta, potente e inundadora, buena como EDC


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