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cree circuit board

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cree circuit board Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and good

    posted by heng84

    Easy to use, ratings are accurate close to 1 amp when used with 18650 batt, not too hard to soldere, cheap and nice
    could have come with spring for easier battery contact
    ok cheap nice easy to use, recommended i use it with q5 and r2 led quite good and bright. to have maximum output make sure u choose the correct set of batteries or else you will get low ma
  • Cheap Cree driver

    posted by Roboegg

    I used one of these, along with SKU 5937 and a spare Cree XR-E P4 emitter, to make a P60 drop in module. The driver is a perfect fit and pretty easy to fit. The five modes are very useful to conserve battery life-when needed. This would also make an ideal replacement for a broken driver in any torch using single XR-E Cree and 17mm driver card. For the price you can not go wrong.
    It would be nice to have the full specifications for this driver so I could see if it would drive other LEDS eg Cree XP-E and XP-G. It would also be nice to know how efficient this driver is.
    Does exactly what it says on the can and is very good value. I would recommend this card.
  • 1st time buyer, very happy with this great driver

    posted by p3ngwin1

    small, efficient for my needs, cheap and well enough made. very happy.
    bought some cheap Ebay "5 watt" flashlights with generic "star LED" that have the full 3xAAA batteries going to the LED. this can total 3,000mha with decent batts going to the LED. bought these to take better care of the LED and make the batteries last longer due to the driver making better use of the power available. i now get the same light output, with much less of the wasted amp-age going to the LED what would have made little brightness but plenty of heat, while running down the battery quicker and decreasing the LED life. this is my gateway to better LEDs from here and drivers to match, any suggestions are welcome :)
    very cheap and efficient driver for simple LED experiments and upgrades to flashlights.
  • Good board, works as advertised/

    posted by David18

    Multi-modes in multiple groups. Easy to use interface. I used it with P60 set (SKU 5937) and Q5-WC emitter (SKU 11022) in a WF-504B (SKU 24200).
    A good board to experiment with and its current rating can be upgraded with the addition of another 7135 (which there is a space for).
    Current draw at 3.7V is 950-1000mA with my setup.
    Works as advertised and if you like multi-mode boards, a must-have.
  • Perfect with Led Lenser "copy"

    posted by McAllan

    Nice quality board and works perfectly.
    Memory works fine - but memory could of course be a cons depending on your preference.
    I used this in the direct drive "Led Lenser copy" - sku.16606. A very nice upgrade!
    Does however limit current a little since no regulator can be zero drop and direct drive pull something about 7-800 mA from AAA eneloops but with this board it's something like 5-600 mA (because it has no boost circuitry). No big deal however and batteries will last a little longer on one charge - still very bright.
    Might pull full 1 A with lithiums because of their higher voltage but haven't tried.
    Very nice driver to upgrade a direct drive light to modes or use it in a suitable light if the original board has died.
    Don't let the 1 A rating scare you if upgrading a direct drive since it can only pull as much as before and most likely a little less.

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