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cree c3 Customers Reviews

  • Pretty good flashlight

    posted by Albertosoto

    +versatile: 1XAA (14500/Alkaline/NiMH) or 2XAA (Alkaline/NiMH)
    +modes starts on med, not high.
    +small enough for EDC
    +glass lens and aluminium reflector
    +good compromise between flood and throw
    +proper SOS mode, not like older C3's SOSOSO...
    Excellent flashlight. Using it at work everyday.
    The modes are very apreciate when using it indoors. It starts on MED, tab the click and you get LOW -> HIGH -> STROBE -> SOS
    If you use Li-ion 14500, you will apreciate the starting MED mode, good output and saving runtime.
    It only gets warm when using 14500 on high for more than 10 minutes.
    Runtime is good on HIGH, about an hour and a half for the 1XAA combination. With 2XAA you will get the same output but longer runtime, but I didn't measured it becouse I don't use the extension tube.
    2XAA combination NOT for 14500's!!! You'll burn the driver if you do that! Only for alkalines/NiMH!!!
    A few issues with contacts, mainly because of the solder bloops on the pill that deteriorates everytime you unscrew the head. Change your cells from the tailcap ;)
    Order a 19mm o-ring or get it locally and it will be waterproof.
    This small and inexpensive light will make look your good old maglites like a joke.
    Order a 19mm o-ring or get it locally for lens and it will be waterproof.
  • Nice light but...

    posted by phreeflow

    Good build quality...seems expensive and fits well in the hand. Clicky was responsive but much nicer after upgrading the rubber boot and making slight adjustments. Anodizing is smooth with no visible blemishes.Glass lens and aluminum OP reflector.
    It seems build quality and components vary greatly.
    This light is much more useable in the 2xAA format since it is much brighter.
    If you like the size of this light in a 1xAA format...by all means,purchase the single mode aluminum C3 or the single mode Stainless Steel C3. I have no experience with the Stainless Steel 5-mode Q5 C3 so can't comment.
  • Sweet Seethreeness

    posted by Retrop

    As with other C3's...
    -Very compact and lightweight
    -Great Output
    -Beam has nice even shape
    -White light offers good color rendition
    -Comes with wrist-strap attached
    -Clean machining and anodizing
    Unique to this C3...
    -Has a GITD ring just inside the bezel, which glows a bright green color
    I have been very pleased with all three Ultrafire C3's I have bought, and I welcome new variations (like...maybe a Q5 single mode with a forward-clicky).
    Get it.
  • no need to look around

    posted by rizaoztop

    Very nice body structure and overall quality, which changed my opinion totally about chinese quality.
    Even its rather small, its good combination of a thrower and spill.. At night, Although there were street lights around, it could throw 80-100 metres. i couldn't imagine its brightness during fishing in a lake and haunting or walking in forest...
    If you are a normal (!) person looking for usefull flashlight its a good choise.. And be careful, buy one with 93 mm long. There are longers in the market, but, i saw from reviews of known sites this is the best model. My wife already take this from my small! collection. Thus i will order more for my collection and as gift for friends.
  • Awesome light!

    posted by scojj

    Build quality is very good for the price (or even double/triple the price). Smooth grey satin finish is elegant and nice to touch and look at. The light is bright and as white as you can want. To my eyes it's a perfect white... neither warm nor cool. The threads are very nice quality and fitted with o-rings. Using the light on one AA, I notice the light starts off bright, but drops noticeably in intensity after a few seconds. This doesn't happen when using 2xAAs. The light remains at a steady bright level. Therefore I find it's best to use a 2xAA configuration. The beam is quite wide, providing adequate useful flood with a bright spot in the center. There's no rattle of the batteries inside since the fit is perfectly snug. The flashlight has good ergonomics with useful knurling for grip and the shape is easy to hold.
    Best to use with 2xAA since it remains portable and keeps a steady bright light with a long runtime. Looks like this flashlight will become my favorite!
    This flashlight exceeded my expectations. It's very pretty to look at, but more importantly, it's a great size and practical (uses regular AA batteries). Highly recommended for the use around the house, car, or where ever a portable light is needed.

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