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  • Cracking little torch, v bright and good quality

    posted by batuted

    I bought one of these torches as a gift for my nephew, and was astounded by the quality, it just feels so solid, and the finish is really really nice - even as I write this, I know when you see it you will still be suckered in by the finish!I bought a further 7 as presents, and all are tested as working fine, one of the tailcaps was loose, and I tightened them all up as a precaution anyway, but all had a working memory mode, and cycled through all 5 with no issues.
    Cracking little torch, I agree with other reviews, this must be the best buy on the site by some margin, especially at the reduced pricec, and deven more so if you buy a few to get the bulk price. I think mine worked out at around less than £8 each.
    Buy one, buy a few, most of my family are getting these as presents this year, little kids well like them, as well as adults who like a bit of quality.
  • Great product, excellent quality.

    posted by aerofx

    very bright even on just a regular AA battery. not sure ho much brighter it gets on a battery that these other reviewers are recommending.
    OMG took almost 3 months to get here.. lol, if you're given the choice to pay a few more bucks for the 1 week shipping... do it! haha
    it's a great buy for 10 bucks. avoid the free shipping, takes too long.
  • Excellent Throw for a Small Torch!

    posted by vitran

    - Very bright when running with 2 AAs- 5 modes is great for many different uses- Batteries are easily replaceable- Good finish with no manufacturing defects- Can easily hold it in one hand
    I'm very happy with this purchase and will definitely be getting more in the future. Just wish there was another way to change the modes. Haven't tested how long it lasts for but 2 AAs seem to hold out for quite a while on the brightest mode!
  • First impressions - useful and powerful

    posted by PM_CZ

    - This flashlight HAS the mode memory (unlike C3/P4/5-mode model)
    - The mode can be switched by slightly depressing the clicky for a split second, without visibly switching off the light
    - Sanyo NiMH 2700 Supperlattice AAs (14mm) fit without a problem, I measured that the flashlight lasted 5.5h on two of them (after running on high for 5 minutes).
    - The driver circuit keeps the light quite bright and when the brightness drops, it will turn off in a matter of minutes
    - I received the flashlight this Monday since the post office forgot to inform me that they had it laying there since last week.
    -Don't use two 14500 in this flashlight, it is outside of the specs and some people report that they killed the C3/P4 with them
    - Came switched to SOS mode, took some time to work out the mode switching since no manual is included.
    - I did not measure the driver circuit output, but the input values (Ain, Vin) are following:
    1AA NiMH (1.25V when measured)
    1.8A on HIGH
    0.77A on MEDIUM
    0.22A on LOW
    2AAs NiMH (2.6V when measured)
    2.65A on HIGH
    0.35A on MEDIUM
    0.12A on LOW
    I am not a flashoholic so I can't compare this flashlight with other, but it looks great and the performance is great too, I only hope that the emitter will last.
  • The most carried flashlight is the best flashlight

    posted by FiveSeven

    Small light with plenty of output. This is my second unit. I bought a black one with holster also a month or two back. Works best with 14500 (highest output). AA as backup is a great idea but not the brightest on single AA lights out there. With the 14500, I would say this unit easily does 80-100 Lumens. On 14500, it outclasses my Streamlight Scorpian xenon with two 123 Li Ions (I compared this light b/c it used to be my favorite carry along for light and portable light).
    Great intermitten emergency light to carry in the pocket or car glove box. Have spare AAs for backup lighting with knowledge that AA is exactly that... just a backup.
    However, this light would be a great supplement as a backup light to a your primary light. I do a lot of night hiking and this is my choice to attach to my pants or backpack light that you forget.
    Mine came with a little nick on the front bezel due to shipping and the noted marks/prints on the LED surface.
    Like the title says: The light you always have with you is the best light that pays for itself in dividends. The size is coercive to just throw in your pocket and forget you have it until you need it.
    Best lumen output for this size light on a 14500 with the limitation of run time.


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