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cree board Customers Reviews

  • 1st time buyer, very happy with this great driver

    posted by p3ngwin1

    small, efficient for my needs, cheap and well enough made. very happy.
    bought some cheap Ebay "5 watt" flashlights with generic "star LED" that have the full 3xAAA batteries going to the LED. this can total 3,000mha with decent batts going to the LED. bought these to take better care of the LED and make the batteries last longer due to the driver making better use of the power available. i now get the same light output, with much less of the wasted amp-age going to the LED what would have made little brightness but plenty of heat, while running down the battery quicker and decreasing the LED life. this is my gateway to better LEDs from here and drivers to match, any suggestions are welcome :)
    very cheap and efficient driver for simple LED experiments and upgrades to flashlights.
  • Best driver for use with 1 lithium cell

    posted by Andrej86

    Probably the best linear / PWM driver board (on DX) for LEDs if it's driven from 1 lihium cell. The PCB design is great and allows you to add additional AMC7135 chip to increase output current to around 1.4A. Could be upgraded even to a 2.8A output if you stack additional 4 AMC7135 chips onto the original 4. Has many modes and a few intuitive functions. Built quality is excellent.
    I highly recommend this driver if you use it with 1 lithium cell. It really comes in handy if you want to mod flashlights from DX.
  • Good for the price, but doesn't match the spec

    posted by rosenanastasov

    Efficient LEDs. Easy to use also. Works flawless even on higher current (I tested them on ~1A) with proper cooling.
    Would be very nice if they matched the description about the color temperature. Since the LEDs are not marked with any code I suppose there is a chance that my order somehow got mistaken.
    Good for the price. Easy to use. Provide a lot of light. But get a sample first to check the color index.
  • Quite good but warm up pretty quickly

    posted by nanotech17

    Easy to hook up and looks neat too.The most easiest driver that i have across with compare to others.Diameter is just right not too wide.
    Very bright puming up my K2 TFFC TWOF emitter.The strobe is very fast,faster than Fenix L2D/P2D/P1D.
    Recommended but please ensure attach it on a proper heatsink.Though i have to wait almost a month to get it but once arrived it's great.
  • Good connection board for multiple emitters.

    posted by solar5

    Price: 5
    I gave these star connection boards a 5 on price because they are very inexpensive. Worth the money.
    Ease of use: 5
    As far as ease of use goes, you can't get it much simpler than this. Simply apply heatsync compound, place the LED onto the connection board, and solder the contacts. Now you ready to install the LED into the your circuit.
    Build quality: 5
    The quality is good. I have used 45 of these star connection boards to date and have never had any problems.
    Usefulness: 5
    This is very useful product when it comes to mounting power LEDs. Without them proper mounting and use would be difficult.
    Overall Rating: 5
    I gave these an overall rating of 5 because they serve a very important function in connecting power LEDs into a circuit, help to dissipate heat, and they do so at a very inexpensive price. Good value.
    Every serious LED hobbyist need to have a few of these on hand.
    I have a lot of projects that I can use these star connection boards in. I will be purchasing many more in the future.


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