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cree board Customers Reviews

  • Good for the price, but doesn't match the spec

    posted by rosenanastasov

    Efficient LEDs. Easy to use also. Works flawless even on higher current (I tested them on ~1A) with proper cooling.
    Would be very nice if they matched the description about the color temperature. Since the LEDs are not marked with any code I suppose there is a chance that my order somehow got mistaken.
    Good for the price. Easy to use. Provide a lot of light. But get a sample first to check the color index.
  • Excellent price

    posted by Mudfoot

    Good for driving LEDsWorks with up to 9V; so there are a variety of battery options.
    Remove the resistor from some older flashlights and put these in for better efficiency.
    Great price for a LED driver.
  • Good 5 mode driver with memory

    posted by Lollerkopter

    - It's very small and compact.- I like the high, middle and low modes - One, or two serially connected Li-ion battery cell is an accepted power source.- The memory mode is very useful.
    I'm using this compact driver to drive a Cree XP-G R5 bin LED. The driver max. current lower than the LED max. current, so less heat generating during operation. You can increase or decrease the max. current, if you replace the sense resistor (0.25 ohm) to lower or higher (or solder other resistor in paralell mode).I very like the memory mode! It's help to forget the High - Mid - Low - Strobe - S.O.S. mode cycle.
    Good, cheap driver. It's works perfectly.
  • Ideal for Mini [email protected]

    posted by mistrz173

    + Very cheap for this quality;+ Very good input voltage range (I have tested it with voltage of 1,2V to 3,5V - its worked good)+ U can cut it to fit in 14mm body ( 14500 batteries ).+ Easy to solder additional spring.+ output mA`s can by regulated by changing resistance of SMD resistor ( R150 )
    I used it to power XP-G in mag-lite mini modyfication ( SKU 44306 ).
    Good choice to buy
  • Nice driver, easily modded for 1400mah

    posted by kramer5150

    -Easy to solder.-Good build quality, no sloppy solder points.-Easy to select modes and mode groups.-Easily modded for 1400mah output, extra solder pads for a 4th 7135 current driver IC.-Efficient design, 3x7135 drvier ICs in parallel, with a mode switching EPROM to control output.-Low & med mode PWM flicker is high frequency, and not noticeable.-Great size and low profile to fit into tight spaces.-Its basically a 3x7135 DC-DC board, with the added features and modes.
    Of all the DC-DC boards I have purchased from DX I like this one the best. With a simple mod, you can up the current to 1400mah by adding a 7135 driver IC, and match the output of the SKU:3178 and SKU:1886.Or play it safe, extend run times and leave it stock at 1050mah with the 3x7135 current drivers.I have had no troubles switching between modes or mode groups. LOVE the L/M/H mode group... + MEMORY!!!I have one of these in a DIY P60 module. I have it modded for 1400mah output and use it mostly in MED, at 700mah its perfect for me. With a Q5-WC its a very good compromise between output, run time, and operating temperature.I have had this board in a DIY P60 module and a Superfire 501B for Since Feb-2009, and it has been very reliable. I have dropped it several times, and its just as reliable as any of my best lights. I purposely waited several months to really put this product through its paces before I posted a review on it.
    My personal favorite DX driver board, I would buy it again.

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