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cree bike light

Welcome to our cree bike light online shop. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Find more popular products from laser bike light, t6 bike light. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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cree bike light Customers Reviews

  • Strong beam of light

    posted by ltuuri

    Compact and lightweight for such a strong, powerful light. Good for bicycling, you can really see far away. Not too many modes makes it faster to choose the right one. Solid build quality.
    Form of the light beam is longish: very good for driving. For a general purpose headlamp for camping, cooking etc. I would still use my old headlamp with much less power but broader shape of the light beam
    Great buy, good price/
  • Bright light

    posted by nmellech

    Bright light, wide illuminated area. Relatively cheap, compared to similar lights available in my country.Resists rain.Easy to attach and remove from the bike.Uses 4x AA batteries(better than 5 or 3 which is difficult to charge)
    Attach it to your bike in a way that there is no force on the cable between battery compartment and light bulb. Otherwise it my break.
    It is absolutely worth the money and I am happy with this purchase.
  • best for this price

    posted by krzysiek_64

    Good price, works very good, a lot of light, popular DC plug, battery discharge indicator, long power cable (I can wear battery pack on a belt)
    I change standard DC plug on 2-pin superseal connector for better water resistance. In future I change standard diode for something with warmer light.
    I`ts very good light. When you get this flashlight check soldering, this is very important to work without unpleasant surprise.
  • Great light and good price

    posted by TrevDX

    Excellent product, absolutely fantastic price and excellent quality. I really should have purchased more than one of these as I cant find a better deal anywhere else. The light is waterproof and extremely lite in weight so it is excellent for night riding and hardly weighs anything on my head.
    Should have purchased two as they were on sale at the time I got purchased this one. The rubber o ring has worked fine on my helmet but it would not work on all types of helmets.
    Would buy another one of these and would recomend it to a freind at the price I paid
  • Great, but power consuming, bike light.

    posted by DocJustice

    Very effective. Never fails to impress, especially on the stronger zoom setting, with which you can actually see the exact shape of the led's chip when pointing at a wall.On a dark night, I could lit up a building more than half a mile away, from a friend's balcony.
    After 3 months, the screw which tightens the torch in the mount's craddle already showed signs of rusting. I hope it won't fail on me, I don't thing the screw would be easy to replace, and I don't know if I can find a mount that would fit as well.Oh, and I've read in another review that the lighting mode sometimes switches on bike bumps. This doesn't happen. Reviewer must have put in the battery holding unit the wrong way, or something.
    I love it.

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