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cree bicycle light

You can find fashionable cree bicycle light at a low price. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. You can also browse bicycle blue light and bicycle light black. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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cree bicycle light Customers Reviews

  • Great Headlamp

    posted by awol

    I have several headlamps that I use for night fishing. This lamp has outshined and outlasted other lamps I've used. The beam spread and light intensity is perfect for night fishing. I have not had any heat issues even though it gets hot. The mounting bracket works great on rod holder. The headlamp has exceeded all my expectations. I have caught many fish because of the attraction of bait fish to the bright light.
    The headlamp was a clearance item. I wish I had purchased several of these headlamps.
    I would probably purchase this headlamp if it is still available.
  • A perfect and strong light for the bike night rides!

    posted by MaroshFR

    Small and practical, plenty of power coming out, lightweight (for its output), easy to install and handle, great battery life (even in cold weather), looks waterproof, good cooling abilities, easy to operate, good light dispersion in the area, glass in the front and aluminium on body, included battery pack, ...
    When installed on bike's handlebar and combined with a decent head lamp, the night rides become almost as good and safe as during the day - fun and enjoyable. The long winter nights are no longer blocking me from riding in the dark - thanks to this light. Doesn't blink or move on the handlebar and stays reliable even during downhill descents, on rock / root gardens and other rough terrain.
    Overall a great product with a great ratio of price and performance - I can only recommend it. Like!
  • Works well, for a while

    posted by fuzz2050

    This light is very bright, easy to use and mounts quickly and securely to any bike imaginable.
    I wish it were more reliable.
    You get what you pay for. If this light were more reliable, it would be excellent. As is, it's annoying and potentially dangerous.
  • Small yet powerful

    posted by LampaSB

    I was surprised with quality of body finish, no sharp edges, premium feel under fingers. Light itself is powerful and bright. You will be noticed for sure. Also side visibility is also good.
    Instalation is easy, rubber is nice and flexible, it doesn't feel like it will break.
    I reccomend this item strongly for this price, especially when i saw that some bike manufacturers sell same kind of lights but only with their logo on them for 5x more higher price.
  • Maybe the only bicycle light that'll satisfy mountain bikers out of the box

    posted by AllgoodnameRgon

    This bicycle light is built around the XML-T6 LED, which is very, very bright. This is necessary for a light that's more intended as a flooder than as a thrower, because the intensity drops faster with range the higher the divergence.The light is built very solidly, with high quality aluminum.The zoom: It works. It totally works. This is the feature you buy this bicycle light for and it doesn't disappoint. The light can be either focused like a normal bicycle light with a reflector, or it can be diffused. When focused, if you light up a wall, you can see the pattern of the XML Led on the wall. When unfocused, the spot becomes much wider, making it more useful on mountain bikes.
    If you look at this light directly, you'll temporarily blind yourself. Don't worry though, your vision will come back after a couple minutes, it's not dangerous like a laser, especially not this one. The higher divergence makes it safer than comparable bicycle lights.When set to maximum flood, the light is about 30 degrees wide. If I was a serious mountain biker, I'd get 2 of these and install them to point slightly outward, giving me a 45 degrees wide per 30 degrees high field of view with a more intense spot in the middle.
    With this light, you can get almost as wide a beam as a normal light with a diffusing lens, for much cheaper. As more of a road biker I use one like this and one thrower with a reflector and I'm seriously happy with my lights.

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