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cree aluminum Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Q/P ratio, extremly powerful

    posted by Natopsi

    Very powerful and efficient. The Insulated Metal Substrate is easy to fit on any thermal dissipation device with M3 screws.The warm white color is perfect for domestic lighting.
    If you are searching for high power LED lighting solutions this is a good choice, equivalent to a 500W incandescent light.Also, if driven at low power (5 to 10W) it has an excellent efficiency and thermal dissipation is very easy to achieve.
    I melted some plastic putting it about 1cm on the front of the led.
  • Nice Build

    posted by Mattaus

    - Solid build quality, very strong
    - Texture is nice, give a nice flood pattern
    - the inside of the reflector is clean, no scratches and doesn't appear to scratch too easily either (though it would be very difficult to stratch it given it's size
    - Excellent price considering you get 4 of them
    Great price, good build quality, good performance. Couldn't be happier!
  • Great reading light - Very bright

    posted by vv4yn0

    Great brightness and aimable so you dont disturb your partner reading in bed.
    Nice finish and modern look so it blends in well with bedroom decor
    could be usefull for many other areas such as cabinet lighting ect
    Head gets warm during use but not too hot, heatsinking seems OK.
    I have had it running for hours at a time without problems
    Need a reading for lamp for bed? - get one!
    Make sure though that you have the skills or know someone who does to wire it up and dont forget to Earth the body!!
  • Great little P60 Dropin

    posted by FuriousCorpse

    Pulls 2.2amps (@Tailcap) from my Sanyo 2600mAh 18650sVery Bright, Good Throw with very nice wide hotspot (12"@6ft).Perfect single mode drop in for P60 host.Good reflector, no marks.
    Gives a nice sized well defined hotspot due to the smooth reflector,edge of corona and (the little amount of) flood have a slight purplish colour tinge.
    Great little update for a P60 host, Fitted to a WF-501B host, it needed foil wrapping to transfer heat well, about the hottest thing id put in a 501B.Not too far off specs so Im happy
  • Big bright spill, tight focus

    posted by techjunkie

    focuses CREE XRE hotspot to very small, tight beam.
    Spill is big and very bright compared to smaller reflectors.
    Shallow enough to replace lucite optics in some torchs.
    Worked really well with MC-E emitter with its dome removed (by accident).
    I bought this before sku 18073 came out, which would have suited my application much better.
    With MUCH dremmelling of the inside of the head of my torch, and a little grinding off the top of the wide end, I was able to adapt a RayOVac 4W 3C toch to use this reflector instead of the collimator lens (and retaining ring) it came with. 40.6mm glass doesn't fit the bezel on that torch, but 40mm does.
    inexepensive all metal reflector with good OP coating. Gives good focus to CREE and plenty of bright usable spill.

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