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  • Extreamly bright and exteramly cheap... perfect

    posted by bman101

    Very bright, great price. Planning to use as a flashlight attached to my phone case as my phone does not have a flash.
    maximum forward voltage retrieved from data sheet to be 3.25V at 1500mA, to be more precise than the given 3~4 volts in description.
    Great LED for the price, extremely bright. Will probably re-order.
  • Replacement reflector for Mags (needs a bit DIY)

    posted by Albertosoto

    This is a good reflector made specifically for CREE XR-E emmiters.
    Aluminium is easy to grin, so I purchased it for fitting it on my old 2C Mag.
    If concentrates pretty good the light and has a nice throw when correctly installed.
    In order to install it on my Mag, I grinded the threads down and flattened the top for 1 or 1.5mm. Doing this it fits pretty good inside the head of the maglite.
    Be carefull when installing this, becouse the opening for the cree emmiter is tight. Don't screw/unscrew the head of the flashlight unless you're tottaly sure it is perfectly centered, or you'll crack the dome.
    Add a bit of isulating tape on the bottom to prevent shortcircuit issues (aluminium reflector touching the solder points at the star)
    If your mag has a XR-E with stock reflector, order this and you'll have a nice package.
  • Good, but Eco Mode. LED can make more ligth with other driver.

    posted by ali57m

    It seems to be reliable, because LED runs on 1 A (maximum allowed for this type of LED is 3 A). Temperature of running module is not very high even without additional heat sink - you can hold it in hand.
    ?eam is rather focused - in some applications you need a lens. It's using AX2002 driver - you can increase LED current (up to 2A) by changing chip-resistance from 0,25 Ohm to smaller (down to 0,12), but it should be with good heat sink - it may be ever a wire with such resistance.
    We used 3 devices for scooter headlamp - it runs very good! It is brighter than original 35W hallogen lamp consuming only 10W.
  • Used for an XM-L for Flood

    posted by NoReply12345678

    Hey, it's a well made reflector. No nicks, or bad spots in the OP finish. The dimensions were as stated and it came packaged well.
    I used this one in a SAiK with an XM-L T6 emitter and it made for a very nice flood light.
    Most all of the reflectors I have gotten here have been just great for the price.
  • Best/brightest LED emitter I had so far !

    posted by mukenukem

    Extremely bright.Very nice color, not greenish like other "warm-white" LEDs (like the 50W Prime emitter), but I would call it more daylight-white. Looks like hot halogen lamps, very nice and pleasant to the eye.
    I bought 4 pcs to replace my halogen uplights, because one of them exploded and covered me and my gf with hot glass debris. I used a heatsink with 200x200x25mm and added a 60mm fan at extreme low speed, otherwise I got over 90°C on the heatsink. With the slow fan I get about 60° on the heatsink and about 90° on the LEDs, which is perfectly fine.
    As bright as a 250W halogen lamp. Really the first LED emitter capable of replacing halogen uplights !Make sure you buy the matching LED driver and a really big heatsink, you have to get rid of 75W of heat (at least the Cree specs say that only 25% of the power is producing light)!After these I also bought some of the 50W emitters (with only 10 LEDs) for the bedroom.


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