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cree aa zoom Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Optics Set-up. Most Perfect Flood-Circle I have seen until now!!!

    posted by hurupthy2010

    Probably Best Optics in Design-class. Really an almost perfect illuminated Circle with (practically) NO DONUT - excellent Mix from SingFire!!The larger Sister (Emitter/Lumens) SF-117B has No Donut either - only that true massive, almost squarish Full Flood emission reveals the Reason: A huge build-in XM-L T6 Emitter, though squarish, sparkling full Wide-flood at up to 700 Lm ...!
    Similar designed S08-8 - still the far Best 14500/AA - If You are sure of Facts reg. intended Power-Source..?! If 1.2 - 1.5V AA are often/only intended - Best for Money at US$ 7.10 - if Your wishes require 1-Mode and Brightness - EVEN when running std 1,5V AA Alkaline or a rechargeable 1,2V NiMH.The S08-8 is a 1-Mode, but super-bright - against this SingFire 3-Mode SF-117A - I already Love It......
    If You are just a little gig-triggered in Mind for Perfection, You will- as well as I - Love It - now even finding the Sf-117A well above other Similars because the Optics seem the so far most Perfect set-up and, of Course, running Li-ion 3,7V 14500....S08-8 at US$ 7.10 is equipped with a true Glass-Lens - Therefore, a Matter of personal Temper & expectations, I Guess.?!
  • A good flashlight to use every day.

    posted by Melkiyhant

    A well made metal housing (I have green model). The metal housing is thick enough that would be good heat from the stars of the diode, and easy to not feel it in the pocket. Coating smooth without ?????. material protection button has the property to accumulate light and shines in the darkness, which is very convenient. When working from the AA battery light is weaker, but the flashlight and not heated. Beam angle is wide enough, used to illuminate the space before him conveniently.
    Another, the quality of the lantern. Not willing to lose. Does not occupy a lot of space and is useful in the road.
    I advise you to buy. Compact, convenient flashlight.
  • Good value for money

    posted by tossafoten

    Good Value for money.Excellent fit. Super bright light.Adjustable focus. 3 modes: 100% lightpower, 20% lightpower and flashinglight (20hz). Easy to use.Adjustable angle on the light. Adjustable headband.Light wheight.
    Fast delivery, only one week. Free shipping.
    I will recomend evryone to buy this awesome headlight. Absolutely worth the money.
  • hmmm

    posted by sixta

    Strong good lightuse 4xAAswitch on battery pack is good ideaBattery pack and reflector are on clips, you can remove them and put on helmet holders
    Effective current Hi 2.54A, Lo 1.35A on 4xAA NiMH full charged (4.9V on Hi, 5.2V on Lo)Reflector (glass lens) produced wide circle, or small sharp rectangle (mirror of led chip)
    It cames broken, reflector is break out from plastic holder, there are 3 very thin screws in plastic holder which fixed heavy aluminum reflector, I have to try repair with better screws and/or change plastic holder. I try to use it with one screw only and tape with no success. I try to ask DX for new plastic holder...
  • very bright headlight

    posted by brbrbrbrbr

    Very bright headlight. Easy to use. Do not look in the light. It willl give you a headdeck. There are three ways to make light: low high and alarm mode. Simple but usefull. I dont know how muchh time it will take to empty the batterys but the llight is great. Four batterys AA. Quite enough power. Vertical adjustment light is ok. Zooming is good but sometimes to easy.
    Compared to the Petzl it is good for your money. I find it verry comforable to wear dispite of the weight. I think I prefere this above my 65 euro headlight.
    Buy it. It is good. For the money it is a lot off light for that price. It must be great for camping, hiking, climbing etc

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