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  • Excellent But There Is A Flaw

    posted by WhatTheFrack

    This light is bright and all of the zooming ranges are outstanding. The clicking on the focus ring will help you to make sure that it will not change focus when you don't want it to change.
    I'm going to have to figure out how to make it bi-pass the modes myself when using the pressure switch.
    Love this light, so bright. Pressure switch is kind of useless.
  • Been using it for 1.5 year - excellent tactical flashlight for the price!

    posted by alexshell

    - Perfect size & weight! - Good body & parts quality! - O-rings waterproof protection on removable parts! - LED is really white and powerful enough! - 5 modes switch going back and forth! - Diffuser (white plastic cover) is great very useful!
    I've tried it doing enforcement duties, camping, construction & home. - IT'S ALL IN ONE & DOES THE JOB PERFECTLY!Rechargeable battery + 2 chargers + diffuser = you don't need anything else!
    I would recommend it!
  • Great torch for a bargain price

    posted by corum

    Great value
    During daylight I couldn't see much difference between this and my old 2 d cell maglite (both understandably drowned out by ambient light). Later that night though...wow, this compact little torch really shows how far things have moved along in recent years.
    A clear white central spot with ample spill beam lights up a good proportion of the area its pointed at. Made the beam of my old mag lite seem dim, unnatural in colour and full of artifacts by comparison.
    Was thinking of spending £36 on a Fenix L2DQ5 prior to this purchase but i'm glad I didn't. I'm pretty sure this torch, at under a third of the cost, would be its equal in all respects.
  • Neat little bugger

    posted by Chopstix

    -Great build quality
    -Operates smoothly
    -puts 1.02A like advertised
    -polarity protection
    -5 modes
    -mode memory
    It could be a tiny bit cheaper, but I guess for the quality and the functions that it does it might as well be worth it. Great for giving a new life to your boring on/off only flashlight.
    Buy it when it's available and just keep it in your hobby drawer even if you don't need it. Because when you do, it isn't worth the wait.
  • Ultimate XM-L flashlight

    posted by madsnake85

    - Relatively small for a 18650 torch- Nice light focus (it is not a thrower)- The light output is very high- The button looks sturdy- It has memory, wich is a must with a 5 mode light
    I have some XM-L T6 lights and i bought that one to compare the LED emitters. The difference is very small, but it is there. I preffer the U2, i like his color and density better.
    If you want single 18650 torch, this is your choice. The price could be a little lower, but even so this is a great product.


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