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  • A slim, versatile, and bright torch

    posted by CharlieOnFire

    Built quality is good, beamshot is wide and useful. Multi-mode is fun to play with. Extension tube for 2AA is a big plus. Handy size and easy to operate. Can tail stand. Not the brightest 1AA/2AA torch but stands out among most others under $25.
    PWM frequency is very high and barely visible. The main difference is this C3 has a wider spot without compromise on brightness. One suggestion to UltraFire is the comfortability. While your torch looks cool, somehow it doesn't feel as comfortable holding in my hand. The location of fulcrum where lay between thumb and index finger is the most comfortable area to hold a torch. Somehow C3 and WF-606A has the fulcrum fall in the groove area where the edge feels like angle, if not smoothier.
    I have 10 LED torches and I am still buying. UltraFire listens to people and improves its products. I hope they can improve the ergonomy as well. It's not hard to become another Fenix but price-wise UltraFire and Romisen are much more popular. Way to go, UltraFire.
  • 5 mode memory and fairly powerful

    posted by somecsstudent

    A surprisingly powerful torch for its size, it looks bigger than it really is its a very small torch.There is not a lot of flood but the 5-mode memory is very useful, it always defaults to the last mode I used it I leave it on for 5 or 10 seconds.The ability to tail stand is useful and the glow in the dark tail cap is cool.
    For its size its a very powerful torch and having multiple modes, is useful. There are 3 modes of brightness and 2 strobe modes, I personally don't use the strobe modes but light/medium/high are very useful.The beam is fairly direct with a light flood around it, the flood is quite wide but the team is still mostly concentrated. sku.26792 is a lot better if you want an adjustable flood light
  • Awesome Light

    posted by beretta73

    Bright Very Bright. 5 Modes with Memory. Great heat sinking. Tight battery fit (doesnt rattle). Built in clip. Good O-rings (glow in the dark). Nice finish and feel. Feels pretty well balanced. Good threads that mesh very well.
    This light is as bright as my million candle power spotlight. It has a nice balance between throw and spill. Has really good range almost as bright as the headlights on my car (one of them anyway).
    A solid and well built, extremely bright Cree led light.
    Definetly recommend. Only regret is I should have bought 2.
  • Great bright

    posted by Csbublitz

    super bright, nearly too bright!
    nice wide beam
    reaches 250 meters in dark nights
    narrow beam, perfect for medium distances
    perfect for night hunting
    This is a great little torch that could be fantastic. The gripes I've mentioned are fairly minor, except for the mode memory. Buy one and try it. Thirty three dollars is money well spent for this level of brightness.
    Good light, especially for the money. it is brighter than a P60 P7 by far, and brighter than many cheaper P7 lights.
  • Bright torch with a very efficient LED

    posted by TaaJau

    * Bright enough. (brightness are not surprising - now all the flashlights in this price range is bright)
    * Highly efficient LED. (compared to similar LEDs)
    * Stylish design.
    * Water-resistant. (but I'm not sure about this, I have not tested it)
    * Very good battery runtime!
    * Handy.
    Yes, it's slightly brighter than XR-E R2 (compared with TrustFire 501b), but not so much to pay for it so much. Beam are wider than 501b, but throws up equally distant. Flood is the same.
    The build quality is good, but not perfect.
    Very efficient LED emitter! I am not made measurements, but it looks that this works longer on a single 18650 battery than XR-E R2, or XR-E Q5!
    if you want a bright flashlight with very good battery runtime, then this could be a very good choice.
    I still recommend buying a good battery charger with good batteries! For example: TrustFire TR-001 sku.12594 and TrustFire Protected 18650 3.7V sku.20392


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