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cree 3w Customers Reviews

  • Good back-up diving light

    posted by ivha09

    - can be used for signaling- easy to use- firm beam- switch cannot flood the light- lightweight- both adaptor for Li-ion and AAA batteries are included- charger for Li-ion comes in handy
    charger needs a flat to round adaptor to use in EU - Better order one (SKU: 3529) together with the flashlight if you are planning to use Li-ion Batteries
    I bought this flashlight as a back-up diving light. With this in mind - it serves the purpose, so money well spend.
  • Ideal for Mini [email protected]

    posted by mistrz173

    + Very cheap for this quality;+ Very good input voltage range (I have tested it with voltage of 1,2V to 3,5V - its worked good)+ U can cut it to fit in 14mm body ( 14500 batteries ).+ Easy to solder additional spring.+ output mA`s can by regulated by changing resistance of SMD resistor ( R150 )
    I used it to power XP-G in mag-lite mini modyfication ( SKU 44306 ).
    Good choice to buy
  • Basic Constant Current

    posted by lukasandrysik

    Very cheap, very simpleIt is basic configuration for those AMC 7135 integrated current regulators - basically there is nothing else on the board - just two! (in my case only two of them) AMC 7135 regulators and small capacitor. Nothing elseThese two 7135 result in 700mA current
    Due to linear regulation it will maintain constant current only until battery voltage is high enough. In my case it was until 3.4V which is 100%fine because at this point the battery is almost depleted and draining the battery lower won't gain much more power.Can be easily modified to give out only 350mA - just simple desolder one 7135 IC - they are connected in parallel.
    Simple 700mA board, like it
  • Not bad, but hinge broke within 1 year

    posted by finkie5

    -Decent light output-It has several modes that can be switched with the button on the light-Worked as expected-Being able to adjust the light level-Fairly small and light weight-The headband is adjustable
    -These headlamps are extremely useful as they keep both hands free!-The red light mode is nice if you need a bit of light without disturbing others that may be sleeping for example
    If it hadn't broke I would recommend it, but since it did... maybe look for a different one! If it doesn't break then it is a decent light.
  • Great little light!

    posted by RFSCMAN

    For it's price this little light can't be beat! It even comes with 4 AA batteries! The seals on the battery compartment seem good, but have not tested them out yet.
    I like the three modes. There is a high, low and flash setting. People will see you! Not sure how long the 4 AA's will last but will let you know.
    I bought this for my son's bike. At this price, I might have to get one for me too.

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