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cree 3w Customers Reviews

  • another step closer to blindness

    posted by eggsy

    bright as hellgood lookssmooth threadslubed o-ringstop notch quality

    finish off all those old batteries!
    this light is still very practical on 'dead' batteries
    excellent flashlight for its size..

    initially i was disappointed by its brightness. it took me a while to realise that i was using flat batteries. what a genius i am, no?
    ... new batteries.. *blinded* argh!

    another point: i didnt realise how many pieces there were in this thing.i just kept unscrewing here and there and i ended up with 10 bits of flashlight lying around
    great buy. well done DX

    highly recommended
  • Superb L.E.D.-bulb !

    posted by SmartopiX

    This bulb has the typical BAU15S connector, which makes it possible to install it in a socket designed for (yellow) turn signal lights. Very useful if you want to switch light positions, like I did.The sleek black design makes the inside of the lamp housing look darker, which adds a certain cool to the look of the car.This 3W L.E.D. bulb emits a fair amount of light, making it very useful as a daytime running light (DRL).
    The polarity (which is very important when working with L.E.D.) of my car didn't fit the bulbs, so I had to switch the wiring on the bulb connector.
    This is the bulb I have been looking for. It's a quality product, with excellent performance, at a very fair price. DX, all the way !
  • Best LED in my aresenal

    posted by cowpen

    - Nice tight beam- Excellent useful spill- Nice white beam- Great battery options
    A two stage clickie and better anodizing would make this light almost perfect.
    The UF C2 has converted several of my incandescent-purist pals. An effective light that feels great in the hands. Great spill for walking and a tight spot for amazing throw.
  • great throw!

    posted by Anzycpethian

    The size is excellent, it's really small and a great light as backup f.e.
    I use it only with primaries and it's really amazingly bright with one hella strong throw.
    Quality is OK, actually I'm not complaining about the size because it's small enough to make me happy, hehe...
    Primaries are a little bit loose in this so what I did was making a tiny ring out of paper and put it around the spring on the inside so the battery stays fixed in there, also prevents the light from turning itself on but not completely. Just makes it better. Will think of a less ghetto solution though...
    I think it's amazingly bright but should be cheaper and I don't like the switch.
  • great lamp

    posted by Pkiller

    inexpensive and compact, great for in a tent or packing. functions as advertised and i am not at all disappointed with this purchase.
    used this on a few trips into the woods, works great in a tent and if you need to get up at night you have a lamp and a flashlight.
    great product, while not as bright nor will it replace my gas lamp for around camp, it will not burn down your tent. If you are looking for a lamp to throw into your backpack or camping gear this is a great little lamp.


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