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cree 3 mode Customers Reviews

  • Pretty Bright

    posted by n16ht5

    Bright. Excellent throw/flood combination. This thing is a monster for it's size and power consumption. Outshines all my other single cell lights (P7, XPG-R5, XPE-R5)Build Quality is good. O rings are juicy.Finish feels like HAIIILooks well heat-sinked. Still pocket-able. barely. LO mode is perfect. Dim compared to HI, but just right for up close work.I can light up the tops of the trees in my yard up to 200yards away. very impressive. Always goes back to HI mode after leaving off.
    I haven't tried the other models, but this one definitely blows away my P7 and R5 Unique Fire 18650 P60 lights.
    If you want one of the brightest lights you can possibly fit in your pocket.. get it.
  • Awesome light at a bargain price

    posted by thegooddoctor

    This light has one of the tightest beams of any I have seen, with a usable amount of spill. It easily illuminates objects several hundred yards away, yet the spill allows one to see one's surroundings easily. Build quality is excellent and though the reflector is plastic, the lens is glass. Styling is outstanding; one of the best looking lights in my collection. All this at a price anyone can afford!
    If you want a great looking light which sends a beam into the stratosphere, it would be hard to beat this one! The switch is good quality and works perfectly, and the light even includes a jack for "in the light" battery charging.
    Hard to find a better "thrower" at any price.
  • great torch

    posted by Yoamr

    good light quality, and really bright.good quality lens and reflector.can run on AA's and 14500's.decent run time.
    at the time i bought mine they were around 9-10 dollars which was great i think there still good for 15being able to run on multiple batterys makes this a really useful torch to have around.
    good torch for the pricei do and have recommended these to everyone.
  • Amazing light!!

    posted by erez57

    Awsome. Very strong light reaches very far plus has really good flood characters with the assault crown. As simple to use as it gets and quite cheap too. Build quality is awsome except for the plastic lens. The assault crown is scary it can really do some damage.
    Its medium priced with awsome results and the light will take any 18650 protected and non protected and it really does work quite awsome.
    An awsome light all around works for every task and its also very comfotable to hold in any situation.
  • Excelent quality bike light

    posted by ssombra

    Super strong light, nice design and the materials seem to be very durable. I am actually amazed with this light, for the price I was expecting something with a "cheaper" look
    Maybe this could come with more rubber rings, I think that they are not very durable.
    If you want a good and affordable bike light this is definitely a good option. I recommend it

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