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cree 1xaa Customers Reviews

  • not the same as it's silver-blue brother

    posted by flashin

    great build quality, of coarse, because it's a romisen.
    nice design, and size. great edc light.
    forward click switch.
    very sturdy bulid.... thick.
    this one has a p2 cree in it.
    runs on one widely available and affordable aa battery. [.... no 14500 3.6v! it will fry it!]
    throw is decent, with usable side spill. medium sized hotspot.
    bright orange switch cover.
    good design, nice size and weight.
    would be a very good one to upgrade with a q5 cree available here on DX.
    it's a solid light with medium performance due to the emmiter. needs to be updated some, but it's an easy mod for anyone with a little skill.
  • Great little light, surprisingly bright.

    posted by EdFromOhio

    What a great little light. I posted a picture showing it next to two other lights I have - the Fenix L2D and the UltraFire WF-606A. You can comfortably toss this in your pocket and have it when you need it.
    When comparing this to the UltraFire WF-606A, the light was almost the same level. This put off a warmer light than the UF. I'm guessing the UF will have a longer runtime since it uses two AA batteries.
    The power button is mostly recessed to prevent accidental powering on. Very easy to use.
    The build quality feels very solid, and leads me to believe that this will last a long, long time. The finish seems to be quite durable.
    At this price, what is there to think about? Just get one, or 5!
    I picked up a few of these to mount on my bicycle. The inexpensive bicycle mount here (SKU 792) is too big for this except if you clamp it around the light's head. I prefer to clamp in the middle to keep the weight balanced. I tried it in my Fenix bike clamp (SKU 13004) and it held it in the middle.
  • Really nice, I loved it.

    posted by grm177

    It's amazing, stunning, impressive for it's size, very strong light even with only one simple AA battery, I really liked this thing;
    It's very usefull and easy to carry, I recommend you to already buy two.
    Very usefull, strong, small and easy to carry around.
    The little holster is very handy, you can put in on your belt and it it very well made.
    The best you can get for this price.
  • very good low-budget alternative for Fenix MC11

    posted by Hobbyfotograaf

    Bright on a nimh, even brigher on lithium-ion.
    Comes with clip and lanyard, tailcap is magnetic, it sticks to any iron surface (can be very handy).
    Build quality is very good for this price.
    Tailcap current measurement:
    1,39V Nimh -> 1,84A (high) / 0,59A (mid)
    4,06V lithium-ion -> 1,15A (high) / 0,35A (mid)
    On a fully charged nimh, it dissipates maximum 2,5W, that does not cause overheating of the led. But on a lihuim-ion it is 4,66W, don't leave it on high for too long, because the led will overheat.
    This is a very good alternative for the more expensive Fenix MC11.
    It is bright, even on a standard AA battery, and really very bright on a lithium-ion battery. Just don't leave it on high for a long time, after 5 minutes i switched it off because it became very hot, on a nimh AA it was not getting hot after 10 minuters.
    The magnetic tailcap is a very nice feature, that the Fenix does not have.
    But the Fenix will be better in wet conditions because it is waterproof and submursible.
    The TIR (plastic) optics give a very tight hotspot, good to light thing up in a distance, but not so good for a worklight, the Fenix has a wider beam wich is better as worklight.
    It seem to be very good, certainly in this price-range and compared to the Fenix MC11, but the Fenix is just a little better (but it does not have the nice magnetic tailcap...).
  • It works

    posted by CdTriX

    - bright for non-flashlight fanatics
    - orange tailcap button
    - big head allows for good focused light with crisp edges
    - wrist strap is a plus
    - the head and reflector are removable so access to the LED is quite easy
    - Momentary click is triggered while off rather than while on
    Good light
    easy to mod because of access to the LED
    $11.50... CANNOT GO WRONG :) i might as well buy like 4 and leave around the house with eneloops in them. might put a Q5 or the spare P4 from my broken C3.

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