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  • Bought another one

    posted by Scuttles

    As the title says, bought another one , why? Because it's unbeatable for the money. Someone has been listening and made a few improvements. The pill has been anodised and then a recess has been machined to take the LED. This means there is no anodising to reduce heat transfer between the LED and the pill. It also has the benefit of perfectly centering the LED. The paper behind the LED is gone and the LED now sits on layer of thermal paste NO GLUE - easily unscrews. Drawing 2.1A at the tail cap, it is very usable at 200m in my opinion. It throws a clear light on a white building at 400m and even manages a very faint throw at 700m. All ‘O’ rings present and greased. A very good finish for the money.
    If you are looking for a budget pencil thrower with some usable spill, this is a fantastic light for the money.My mate was so impressed he asked me to get him one.
    Don't think about it, just buy it.
  • Good light for the price

    posted by Albertosoto

    Well builtLightNice clip, strong and flexible.Can be fully dissasembled, no glued parts.Glass lens
    I liked the shape of the clip of this flashlight and added it to my basket just to dissasembly and use it on other custom flashlight I made. It feels good on hand, it's light and compact.XR-E Q5 is an old led but still good perfomance for the price.
    Worth the price, you get a nice clip with a nice flashlight to gift :P
  • great lamp but needs improvement

    posted by despo84

    Very bright for its price, easy to useYou may also use two Cr123a batteriesIts even brighter than the "New-608 Cree XM-L T6 800lm 1-Mode" I ordered before
    Using the original O-Rings the flashlight filled within 2-3 minutes. Some silicon grease did not improve the situation. I changed the O-rings using 2x20 mm O-rings from the hardware store. In combination with some silicon grease its now a real diving lamp, but switching it on and off is a little bit harder due to the tight O-rings.
    Great flashlight using different O-rings!
  • Sturdy and solid flood light

    posted by Astowv

    Solid buildLow powerconsumptionSlim designLight weightAdjustable brightness (3 modes)The battery type used provides alot of power, resulting in a lot of light for your money. Just be aware to have some way of charging it, or have more batteries to replace them as they are empty.
    Could do with a belt-strap or carry-strap, its a big flashlight, and it does get heavy after a while, even though it is slim and light weight.
    Very good floodlight, and alot of bang for you buck.
  • Not a bad light, some small issues

    posted by atvkilla

    -Nice small size torch-VERY bright-Very useful and floody beam-Nice GITD tailpiece-It does tailstand-Did I mention it's bright?
    Overall a very nice light...a 3.75 out of 5 stars I would give. Bright! Very nice floody beam that illuminates the entire yard, out to 60 yards easy.BUT, of course, poor machining and QC. The body housing is uneven. Protected batteries fit VERY tight...I have to unsrew both ends to push out the battery.Memory mode is very quirky. When I first got it, it would reset back to high after shutting off for 2 or 3 seconds. Then it changed so now it resets after around 10 seconds. Occasionally it is still resetting back to high after 3 seconds. I can't figure out why. When I first had it, it also was flickering quite a lot. That seems to have stopped.One thing I have to say is I am a little dissapointed in runtime. I wanted to use this for Mountain Biking and the beam pattern would be perfect for this, but it only lasts around 35-40 minutes on High. Medium got me around 1:40 or so. However, this torch on medium is still slightly brighter than my Trustfire TR-801 on high, with a nicer flo
    Pretty good light with some common issues. Very bright at the expense of lower runtimes. I will be using this to bike with, but I question whether it'll be as dependable as my TR-801. One thing is certain that I will still be carrying my 801 on rides; just in case!


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