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cr2032 clip Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product for a reasonable price

    posted by ChrisNasc

    Extremely small and light - fits on my cello pouch perfectly;Easy to use, no need to read manual, just switch it on and you're good to go;Chromatic, violin, viola, cello and double bass; Precise and relatively cheap;Works just fine;shipped fastCame with a new (in blister) battery.
    Good buy, would do it again, no regrets.
    if you need a chormatic tuner, buy it!
  • Useful, cheap, functioning

    posted by Leischka

    + This clip on tuner does what it is supposed to do. You clip it on your instrument and it tells you which way to tune.+ The screen has different colours for different stages of tuning - green for perfect and white for off-tune.+ Functionality. It has a one button that is used for power on/off and to change the instrument setting (violin, ukulele, guitar etc)
    No significant other thoughts.
    Must-have tool for instrument players. This provides a cheap and functioning option.
  • it works really well

    posted by mcniac

    very precise (I tested it with guitars, bass and ukuleles)
    very easy to use, specially in chromatic mode
    battery last very long time
    auto shut off
    fast to read
    easy to use
    very cheap, the same tuner is sold here for three or four times the price
    one of the most useful things I bought here
    great buy, if you need a tuner for a stringed instrument
  • Great guitar tuner

    posted by guymal

    This tuner works great. You just open the box, pop in the battery, turn it on, and clip it on your guitar.Even in a noisy environment it works.It even has alternative tunings (for example half a tone up or down)And it's only $8 on DXEven the instructions were in proper English and made sense (although I didn't really need them)
    I used to use a guitar tuner iPhone app, now I just have this, it's always available and works.
    If you play guitar and don't have perfect pitch, get this tuner. You can't go wrong
  • Great tuner for a great price

    posted by DenLaure

    cheapsmalleasy to usegood qualityLot of features for such item (for example, violin tune mode, very helpful, cause we have one in our band and it always took time to tune it using guitar :))Battery included :)
    It's really small. When I get it and first look at the it's package, I said "It can't be so small.". But it is, it is very small and it's a good pros, cause you can take it anywhere).Plan two buy a couple of them for my band's members ;)
    Want DX to sell other things of the Flanger manufacturer. I'd like to buy their amplifier.

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